6 Tutorials On Adding Pagination In CakePHP

1. Custom Query Pagination A good example of when you would need this is if the underlying DB does not support the SQL LIMIT syntax. This is true of IBM’s DB2. You can still use the CakePHP pagination by adding the custom query to the model. Should you need to create custom queries to generate the […]

7 CakePHP Media Upload Plugins

1. CakePHP File Upload Plugin The popular FileUploadComponent is now a plugin. Version 4.0 brings a new behavior to the plugin to round out all your file uploading needs. 2. Uploader by miles johnson An all around general purpose file uploader for CakePHP. Packaged as a stand alone plugin with file validation, file scanning and support […]

3 Ways To Use Facebook Connect With CakePHP’s Auth component

1. Integrating Facebook Connect with CakePHP’s Auth component I wanted to be able to leverage all of the advantages of using Cake’s built in Auth component in my latest application; problem was that the application needed to allow for both normal user accounts and Facebook Connect generated user accounts 2.  CakePHP Facebook Plugin — Auth+Facebook and […]

4 Tutorials On Choose The Best IDE For CakePhp Development

1. HOWTO Setup Eclipse 3.6 to get the most out of CakePHP 1.3 Development This article explains step-by-step on how to setup your CakePHP dev environment to get the most out of open source tooling. There are lots of great resources out there for developing CakePHP apps in eclipse – but they are outdated and scattered. […]

7 Best Shopping Cart Plugins For CakePhp

1. VaM Cart Easy Installation. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Unlimited Categories, Products. CakePHP, MVC, Smarty. Multi Language, Multi Currency. Templatable. Open Source. Automatic Image Resize. Product Reviews. Coupons… 2. ShoppingCart plugin for CakePHP (techno-geek Shopping Cart) Authors: Dean Sofer (ProLoser), Jesse Adams (techno-geek) CakePHP plugin that handles the management of order data in the […]

3 Best CakePHP Search Components & Tutorials

cakePHP on enfew

We can see that CakePHP framework subject is interesting to our readers, and continuing on the few CakePHP related posts we posted on Enfew, this time we want to list search related plugins which are built for CakePHP framework. Let us know in the post comments if we have missed any good ones out there. […]

2 Awesome User Management Plugins For CakePHP

1. Authake: user management, authentication and ACL for CakePHP Authake is (another) solution to manage users and groups and their rights in a CakePHP platform, as well as their registration, email confirmation and password changing requests. It’s composed by a component, a plugin, and a helper. The ACL model was presented by Marco Sbragi in […]