1. Authake: user management, authentication and ACL for CakePHP

Authake is (another) solution to manage users and groups and their rights in a CakePHP platform, as well as their registration, email confirmation and password changing requests. It’s composed by a component, a plugin, and a helper. The ACL model was presented by Marco Sbragi in the tutorial YACCA Yet Another Cake Component for Auth, that I used as an exercice to start learning Cake. So, thanks Marco for your article.

2. Spark Plug Cakephp plugin.

  • Easy to install.
  • Multi User Registration/Login.
  • Registration form
  • Login Form
  • Remember me cookie
  • Change password
  • Forgot password
  • User dashboard section.
  • Simple ACL, that means user have to login in order to access the user dashboard.

If anyone know some new User Management Plugin for CakePHP, then please let us know via comments.

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