Top Blogger Widgets

Most of you know that blogspot offers many best widgets to its users you might not understand which are the top for your blog. In this page I will offer you with the top list of widget that I think are best for your free blog. Maximum users using both wordpress and blogspot think that […]

Top iPhone 4S applications

best applications for iPhone4s

The launch of iPhone 4S has not been received with exaggerated enthusiasm, and the new Apple phone keeps the same design as its predecessor. However, in addition to enhancements to the hardware level, iPhone 4S has the potential to differentiate through iOS operating system, especially through the many applications offered by leading developers. We ave […]

7 Awesome Facebook Wallpapers

facebook waisting peoples lives since 2004

1. Facebook – Waisting Peoples Lives Since 2004 2. Livre Facebook 3. facebook wallpapers by ~cheth 4. Facebook Junkie 5. facebook WALLPAPER – 1680×1050  by ~DWXak 6. Domo Facebook Wallpaper by ~PhreshSoldier 7. Victoria Secret Sexy Model wearing facebook Tshirts

Top 5 Facebook Apps & Tools For Mac

1. Facebook App The Facebook Application is a Fluid-built web browser, designed to encourage you to use Facebook more and more! The icon was created by the amazing artist known as “gesamtbild” on Flickr. This application is totally free, it’s just designed to make you use Facebook more by placing an icon in your dock! […]

3 Ways To Use Facebook Connect With CakePHP’s Auth component

1. Integrating Facebook Connect with CakePHP’s Auth component I wanted to be able to leverage all of the advantages of using Cake’s built in Auth component in my latest application; problem was that the application needed to allow for both normal user accounts and Facebook Connect generated user accounts 2.  CakePHP Facebook Plugin — Auth+Facebook and […]