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7 CakePHP Media Upload Plugins

1. CakePHP File Upload Plugin

The popular FileUploadComponent is now a plugin. Version 4.0 brings a new behavior to the plugin to round out all your file uploading needs.

2. Uploader by miles johnson

An all around general purpose file uploader for CakePHP. Packaged as a stand alone plugin with file validation, file scanning and support for a wide range of basic mime types.

  • Automatically sets all ini settings required for file uploading
  • Support for a wide range of mime types: text, images, archives, audio, video, application
  • Logs all internal errors that can be retrieved and displayed
  • Saves a log for all uploads happening during the current request
  • Automatically validates against the default mime types and internal errors
  • Can scan the uploaded files for viruses using the ClamAV module
  • Files can be uploaded anywhere within the webroot folder
  • Convenience methods for deleting a file, moving/renaming a file and getting the file extension or dimensions
  • Built in methods for resizing images and generating thumbnails
  • Custom Behavior to add validation rules to your Models validation set
  • Custom Behavior that allows models to attach files to automatically upload the file and save its information to a database

3.  UploadPack – easy and flexible way to upload files with CakePHP

  • save procedure of record with attached file should be no different to usual record
  • it should be possible to do some additional processing of uploaded file at the time of saving it (for example thumbnail generation)
  • easy access to uploded file, it’s URL and alternatives (different thumnails) from view level
  • everything should require no or minimum configuration to work, but still remain flexible if the whole application needs it
  • natural integration with CakePHP framework.

4. Media Plugin for CakePHP by david persson

This plugin was conceived as a thorough solution to all the needs coming from dealing with media files in a web application. Moreover the idea was to show how much a well maintained plugin can be worth it and inspire others to do the same. The plugin slowly evolved (and in fact still does) from a very distinct set of tightly coupled components into something much more flexible. This allows you to use only the functionality you really need.

5. Upload Plugin by jose gonzalez

The Upload Plugin is an attempt to sanely upload files using techniques garnered packages such as MeioUpload , UploadPack and PHP documentation.

6. MeioUpload 2.0 Plugin by jrbasso

This behavior provides to upload files in your application, as well as the possibility to translate the error message (originally only in portuguese) and the use of phpThumb as a better thumbnail generator.

You can also use it in No-DB mode, which means that no data for the upload is stored within the database. You can further this by setting var $useTable = false in the model, which will both trigger No-DB mode AND allow quick uploads.

7. Ajax File Uploading with Cake and jQuery [Tutorial]

Here’s how to upload files in CakePHP using jQuery.

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One Response

  1. In your opinion what do you think is the best?

    MeioUpload was the best but I always needed to modify it a bit to work the way I wanted.

    Media plugin is awesome but at the end of the day is bloated and too complicated for simple projects. The latest builds never seem to work without removing validation rules and manually taking out exceptions…


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