1. VaM Cart

  • Easy Installation.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  • Unlimited Categories, Products.
  • CakePHP, MVC, Smarty.
  • Multi Language, Multi Currency.
  • Templatable.
  • Open Source.
  • Automatic Image Resize.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Coupons…

2. ShoppingCart plugin for CakePHP (techno-geek Shopping Cart)

Authors: Dean Sofer (ProLoser), Jesse Adams (techno-geek)

CakePHP plugin that handles the management of order data in the session. Useful for shopping cart CakePHP applications. Will be used in the Mocha Shopping Cart project brought to you by DualTech Services, inc.

3. cakecart

CakeCart is a shopping cart built on-top of the cakePHP framework. Currently in the pre-pre-alpha stage. Its purpose will be to allow anybody familiar with the cakePHP framework to customize and easily launch an e-commerce website. Currently has authorize.net support and later scheduled to add in paypal and google checkout support.

To install: Import db.sql into desired database.
Change app/config/database.php
Configure app/config/cart.php
Configure authorize.net at app/config/authorize.php
Access admin in /admin url and use username: [email protected] and password: demo

4. bakesale Shopping cart

Made with the MVC Web framework CakePHP. Uses the jQuery JavaScript library, both for effects and AJAX.

Using the Plug-ins, the end-developer can simply add new functionality to BakeSale.

The application follows Web standards, using semantic XHTML markup with CSS-based layout.

5. CakePHP-Cart

This is an attempt to become the defacto solution for shopping cart implementation in CakePHP. Not to say this in of itself will be the best shopping cart around, but in fact give developers the resource to build their own custom shopping cart Application to their own specifications.

Hopefully future versions of the brother development app, ‘Mocha’ will use future releases of this plugin as a part of it’s core. For now this is a 1-stop plugin that provides you all the resources you need to build a cart and nothing more, allowing you to extrapolate from that point forwards.

6.  flashub.com

[This Project is POSTPONED] e-junkie clone but more features provided to independent software and php script vendors. E-junkie is a shopping cart for downloadable goods. Built using cakephp.

7. kaching-php

Kaching is a shopping cart framework built as a CakePHP plugin. It is a platform developers can use create customized onlines stores.

Kaching came from a frustration of trying to use pre-built shopping cart systems that were hard to customized and locked you into doing it their way. They didn’t seem to understand that not all online stores fit into the same mold.

CakePHP was chosen to be the framework to build on, because frankly we think it’s pretty awesome.

Kaching is not for everyone. It is strictly for developer who want to build a online store and maintain full control of it. Kaching comes with a sample store, as a starting point and examples on how to use it. Then the rest it up to you.

From reading of the CakePHP groups, it is quite evident that there are lots of people trying to implement a online store using CakePHP. Kaching hopes that it can fill a gap where people don’t have to keep on starting from scratch when building their online store.

We encourage people to add on to the Kaching framework and submit new features and patches.

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    Please feel free to join our team we are looking for some contribution and innovations. For same you can contact us.
    For More Information Please see http://www.VaMCart.com or http://www.VaMCart.ru
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