Review: Make screenshots easy and free. Monosnap

monosnap review on enfew

More reviews on Enfew blog. This time we are going to take a close look at a very useful screen capturing application called Monosnap. What is Monosnap? Monosnap is a very simple to use and easy to install free screen capturing tool for multiple platforms. They have versions for Mac, Windows, iPad and even Chrome […]

Review: Recovering Mac OSX files with DiskDrill

diskdrill what its for

Various tech product reviews section is a popular one on Enfew. From time to time we are choosing some useful software product and quickly look through what it does and how can it make your live easier. This time its about backups, files, recovery and DiskDrill What is DiskDrill Like it or not, sometimes we […]

Review: Manage Multiple Downloads with Folx

Today we want to share a review of application from our friends at Folx What is Folx Folx is a versatile Internet download manager solving the problem of convenient downloading of multiple files and managing those downloads on your computer so that you can always easily organize and find any of them. It was just […]

Review: Magento SEO Extension

Magento SEO extentions and plugins

We continuing to publish short online product reviews and this time review is about the product which helps to optimize Magento driven ecommerce web stores for online search engine traffic. To have his ecommerce site grow and continue to receive growing number of visitors one has to pay attention to how SEO optimized the site […]

Review: Having fun prototyping mobile apps.

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We have recently started web product review posts on Enfew blog. We are reviewing interesting and useful web and mobile web tools. Last time we wrote a review of a great project management tool Trello and this is time for another post in this category. We want to get a quick look at mobile […]