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3 Best CakePHP Search Components & Tutorials

We can see that CakePHP framework subject is interesting to our readers, and continuing on the few CakePHP related posts we posted on Enfew, this time we want to list search related plugins which are built for CakePHP framework. Let us know in the post comments if we have missed any good ones out there.

1. CakePHP Search Plugin

Search plugin is an easy way to include search into your application. Using this plugin you will able to have paginable search in any controller. Plugin support simple methods to search inside models using strict and non-strict comparing, but also allows you to implement any complex type of searching. The search plugin will allow you to make any kind of data searchable, i.e. allow you to implement robust searching rapidly.

2. Search feature to CakePHP

This tutorial with code examples will show you how to build the search functionality in your projects which are based on CakePHP framework. Part of this tutorial is based on the documentation provided by the actual CakePHP documentation pages and another part is a custom functionality. Great and useful examples.

3. Search Forms in CakePHP

Another good tutorial by MisterPHP blog about building search forms with pagination. In project you’ll build while reading this tutorial pagination pages will remember search results while allowing user to navigate through multiple groups of pages in CakePHP.

4. Search Plugin for CakePHP 2

Based on suggestions from our readers we have added another link.
This plugin is shared on official CakePHP blog, it has links to code on GitHub and has example implementation of search by using CakePHP 2 framework.

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