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3 Best ‘Cakephp Comment Plugin & Informative Cakephp Comment Tutorials’

CakePHP Comments Plugin

Comments plugin is a universal comment system that can be attached to any controller with a few lines of code. The comments plugin will allow you to make any kind of data comment-able.

How to add comments with AJAX in CakePHP

In today’s article we are going to create a very basic blog that allows people to create a post and posts comments on that post via AJAX. We are going to keep it extremely basic and just focus on that actual AJAX functionality.

CakePHP Comment Plugin

The goal of every programmer is to write as little code as possible. It can only be achieved by re-using code that you already wrote. That is why we all use CakePHP in the first place right? Fortunately, cake allows us to create plug-ins that we could just drop in into our projects and be done with it.

For quite a few of our projects, especially social applications, we had to add commenting. In addition, we typically had to allow users to comment on everything (photos, posts, news, articles, etc…).

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4 Responses

  1. Fortunately, Cake allows us to create plug-ins that we could just drop in into our projects and be done with it.

  2. CakePHP allows you to set up a combination of controllers, models, and views and release them as a packaged application plugin that others can use in their CakePHP applications

    1. Hi Sd, sure there will always be different programing languages out there, but PHP is still powering great number of web sites online. And CakePHP is a good framework used by many developers

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