1. How to Import CSV into Magento

This is very common question in magento that how to import csv files in magento.

2. How to import configurable products from CSV File into Magento System

Unlikely the default Magento import module, this fully customizable bulk import module allows you to import configurable products through CSV feed.

Module features:

  • Import from CSV feed
  • Create CSV for import
  • Import configurable products and their associated simple products.
  • Import images / multiple images / gallery images from remote server.
  • Supports cron job

3. How to Import Products into Magento

There’s a little confusion among some on how to import products into a Magento ecommerce store. I spent some time today researching and trying to find the best method on doing this. The reason for my research is because there was no simple documentation anywhere that I could find on how to import products. Magento actually has built a pretty robust import/export mechanism into the ecommerce cms that has a ton of flexibility to do many things. I’m not going to cover all of those. This is just for those of you who simply just want to import products into their Magento cart.


Magento XML & CSV Product Import Extension allows the store owner to easily import simple products directly into their Magento store in both XML and CSV file format. This extension provides a fast and effective way to update your Magento store with hundreds even thousands of products in one go, providing the ability to map the Magento product database fields with the product XML and/or CSV data file fields. This is suitable for website product importing and migration from other eCommerce shopping carts to Magento Commerce.

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