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Learn Magento eCommerce by reading the best beginner tutorials

Magento eCommerce system is currently powering the best and most used eCommerce shops around the globe.

It became the CMS of choice for tens of thousands of other smaller shops as well. Although there is quite a big community of Magento developers, designers and administrators out there, the actual CMS itself is not the easiest one to understand. The same goes to official Magento documentation. Based on experience of many people involved with Magento CMS, the best start is usually to get your hands on to tutorials and practical implementation examples.

Today we are giving you great list of such beginner to advanced tutorials. You’ll see how learning from tutorials can actually be fun and not a scary at all. And it makes much easier to understand how Magento CMS is working. Hope you will enjoy.

Learn Magento eCommerce

Official Magento CMS Tutorials

Official Magento product site has extensive knowledge base with one section dedicated to tutorials nad examples on how to implement and tune Magento Community editions. One thing to notice, on the official site Magento tends to talk a lot about Magento Enterprice edition.

Magento Tutorials by SiteGround

SiteGround is a hosting company which pays a lot of attention to hosting Magento and has written several beginner tutorials on installing, configuring and tuning performance of Magento content management system. Worth to check, specially if you are just starting your Magento learning process.

Magento tutorials by Alan Storm

Alan is an author and contributor well known in Magento developer community. His site has section dedicated to Magento code, tutorials and tips. Topic range from using JavaScript with Magento, analysis of awailable Magento API’s to customizing Magento admin console and interface.

Introduction to Magento layout

Extensive Smashing Magazine article about Magento CMS layout customization. In this tutorial you will create a simple plugin to manage front end layout for Magento platform. Its well documented and clearly written tutorial.

Setting up blog within Magento store

Quick tutorial explaining how to setup blog section within Magento content management system. Even if Magento is created to serve as eCommerce solution, blogging is playing big role today for communicating with your online customers and usually plays great part in your eCommerce store. Follow this tutorials to understand how Magento deals with blogging.

Magento events. Tips and Tricks

Inchoo people have much experience once it comes to Magento topic. Their site is full of tutorials and we have picked the one with a little bit advanced topic – Magento events. Read this article about event – observer system within Magento CMS and how to best use it within your ecommerce projects.

Magebase Magento Tutorials

Over 60 well written tutorials starting from the beginner level tips to covering the advanced topics like caching and optimizing Magento CMS (not such an easy task by the way..). Tutorial authors are well known Magento consultants and developers. Megabase tutorials are much recommended to everyone who wants to better understand how Magento CMS works.

Introduction to Magento Themes by SitePoint

Another great tutorial to better understand Themes for Magento CMS this time published on well known developer site SitePoint. Introduction to main Magento Theme elements and tips for creating a Theme. In this tutorial you will create a simple Theme from the ground up.

MagentoGarden Tutorials

Several tutorials and blog posts describing skill set needed for maintaining, administering and developing Magento based eCommerce store.

Tips and Tricks by Code Magento

Another site with tips and tricks on how to maintain and extend Magento CMS. From debugging to rewriting specific classes and entire modules. Recomended for advanced Magento developers and users.

If you know any other useful Magento tutorial sites let us know and we will update this post to include them.

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