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How to Add SSL certificate in Magento – 4 Best Tutorials

1. SSL certificate in Magento By

We have got many requests lately about how to add SSL (https)-support in Magento. Here is instructions on how to add SSL-support to a Magento-installation.

Who needs SSL? – SSL is important for stores who want their customers to be sure everything they enter in the Account-areaand Checkout-area is encrypted along the way from their browser to your server. Stores with payment-gateways where the customer type in their creditcard-information directly in Magento and is not transferred to a secure page at the creditcard-providers servers will also need SSL.

2. Installing SSL in Magento

1) First, install the SSL certificate on the account. (if purchased through us, we perform this for you)

Note: cPanel users go directly to step 3.

2) Next, login to directadmin -> domain setup -> click your domain -> check on “make private_html symbollic link to public_html” and hit save. This will mirror your private_html with public_html so you don’t need two separate folders for SSL and non-SSL files.

3) Finally, login to magento admin -> system -> configuration -> web -> secure -> set “Use secure URLs in frontend” to Yes -> of course, you’ll then select save.

3. Adding and Installing an SSL Certificate Through Plesk

In Plesk, go to Domains and select the domain you want to add an SSL certificate for. This domain must be on a dedicated IP Address to work correctly.

  1. Select SSL Certificates
  2. Click Add SSL Certificate
  3. Fill out the information correctly and accurately, select in 2048 bit format.
  4. Click the “Request” button.
  5. Go to your choice of SSL providers. In this example, we are using GoDaddy.
  6. Once your SSL certificate has been signed and issued, GoDaddy will send you an email message that allows you to download the signed certificate and their intermediate certificate bundle, both of which must be installed on your Web site.
  7. Download the certificate to your computer.
  8. Follow the instructions below to install your SSL certificate and the certificate bundle on your Web server.
  9. Installing SSL Certificate and Certificate Bundle (gd_bundle.crt)

4. How to set SSL Certificate in Magento

Setting up SSL certificate in Magento requires purchasing SSL certificate and then certificate can be through the Magento Admin area -> System -> Configuration -> Web. Before going for setting SSL certificate in magento we need to know what is SSL.

The SSL certificate is an important upgrade to your website. The basic function of an SSL is to encrypt all communication between the browser and the server, ensuring that all data goes through a secure (HTTPS) connection.

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