1. How to Create Screencast with recordMyDesktop in ubuntu 9.04 By UbuntuGuide

There is a desktop session recorder for Linux called recordMyDesktop that attemps to be easy to use, yet also effective at it’s primary task.recordMyDesktop offers also the ability to record audio through ALSA, OSS or the JACK audio server.

How to Create Screencast with recordMyDesktop in ubuntu 9.04 To install recordMyDesktop

Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager,type recordmydesktop in Quicksearch field.

Right click gtk-recordmydesktop,select mark for installation.Mark to be install in next window.

Then click Apply button to start install recordmydesktop.

2.  How to create a screencast in Fedora or Ubuntu – Record My Desktop

Screencasts of your desktop are very useful in demonstrating programs and for video tutorials. “recordMyDesktop” is a very easy to use tool for creating screencast under linux. By using recordMyDesktop you can record a widow or the whole desktop with a single click. You can save the video as ogv.

3. Create Screencasts on OpenSuSe with recordMyDesktop

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re teaching someone how to do something on a computer, and recordMyDesktop is a great little Linux application for creating screencasts. YouTube is full of recordMyDesktop screencasts showing all kinds of captures, including Compiz in action.

4. Linux screencasting tool ‘Kazam’ updates, gains bug fixes galore

Linux screencasting tool ‘Kazam’ updates, gains bug fixes galore
Screencasting made simple is the ethos behind Linux screen-recording tool ‘Kazam‘ and the latest release sees it hammer home this point with improved features and a slew of bug fixes.

So lets get down to the specifics of what’s new in the 0.11 release: –

  • Kazam finally has a logo, created by Robert McKenna
  • You are able to select which screen to record from
  • You can now ‘pause’ in screencasts
  • Options to choose video and audio quality
  • Easier selection of upload URL
  • Ability to go backwards from export window
  • Warning when overwriting
  • The biggest improvement in Kazam 0.11 doesn’t come in the shape of new features, as welcome as they are, but in the big improvements to overall stability.

5. How to create a screencast? at AskUbuntu

Really helpful Q&A thread on AskUbuntu

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