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9 WordPress Plugins For Integrating Facebook Comments

1. Facebook Comments

Facebook comments is a WordPress plugin that will import comments from your facebook notes back into your wordpress blog.

2. Facebook Comments for WordPress

  • Styles can all be customized to fit your site’s theme (v1 only)
  • Number of comments displayed can be adjusted
  • Option to post comments directly to a user’s Facebook profile page (v1 only)
  • Comments can be included on pages only, posts only or both
  • Comments can be shown in chronological order or with the most recent comments first (v1 only)
  • Facebook comments can be attached to WordPress comments or inserted manually anywhere in your theme
  • WordPress comments can be hidden on pages/posts where Facebook comments are enabled
  • Comment counts on pages/posts reflect both the Facebook and WordPress comments (v1 only)
  • Email notifications can be sent whenever a comment is posted
  • facebook notifications can also be sent whenever a comment is posted

3. Facebook Comments

Facebook comments can be annoying to set up. This plugin makes it simple to add the Facebook comments system to your WordPress site without much hassle.

4. Crawlable Facebook Comments

Let Google crawl and index your Facebook Comments. Crawlable Facebook Comments plugin retrieves comments (with authors, dates and replies) and makes them visible in your source code. As we all know deafult facebook displays comments iframe so they are not visible to Googlebot.

5. Simple Facebook Comments For WordPress

Simple Facebook Comments For WordPress is a wordpress plugin which allows you to enable your users to comment on your wordpress posts and pages using their facebook account. It has been designed to be extremely simple to use, unlike other similar plugins.

6. Facebook Comments to WordPress

Finally Facebook made it possible. You have a WordPress blog and you are using Facebook Comments Social plugin. You want that comments your visitors add to Facebook become part of your website, not only visually, but as a part of the WordPress database. In April 2011, Facebook released an extension to their protocol (the so called graph api) that makes it possible. This plugin uses the extended Facebook protocol to import comments from Facebook to WordPress database.

7. Facebook Comments Importer

Imports the comments posted on your facebook fan page (or public profile) to your blog. Your blog has a Facebook fan page ? All of your blog posts are also posted on your fan page ? This plugin is maybe for you. It checks your Facebook fan page every hour (or more), then imports all Facebook comments back to your blog. The plugin identify your blog posts on Facebook with the Facebook “link” attribute. So if the Facebook post links to you blog post, it will work. Facebook Comments Importer is very easy to configure : just specify your Facebook fan page ID… and that’s all.

8. Facebook Comments Points (FCP)

This plugin will allow you to completely customize your comments system layout. By default this will change your current comment system to an amazing comments system like facebook. It looks same as facebook wall’s comment system. People can “Like/Unlike” any comment and they can also share any comment on twitter as tweet. Fully ajax based comment system and makes your comments section easy to load.

9. WP-FB-comments

This plugin allows you merge WordPress and Facebook Comment system fully.With the ability to keep synchronized and updated comments at both ends.

This has many features that enable and pollinate the complete comments system for you in the FB and WP at the same time doesn’t get too heavy on your server.

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  1. great work i had used Facebook Comments for WordPress to move all my Facebook comments to my wordpress blog thanks for share

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