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20 Best Voting & Rating WordPress Plugins

After publishing summaries of great WordPress plugins for mobilizing your sites and creating beautiful galleries today we present lengthy post with the 20 best voting and rating plugins for WordPress content management system.

1. WP-PostRatings

Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress blog’s post/page.

2. GD Star Rating

Plugin allows you to set up advanced rating and review system for post types and comments in your blog using single, multi and thumbs ratings.

3. Star Rating for Reviews

Insert inline rating stars within your posts based on the score you assign, supports outputting list of reviews sorted by date, score or post title.

4. Vote-The-Post plugin

Vote-The-Post plugin is a professionally-designed computer application for WordPress, which allows users to vote on the individual posts on your blog or website.


  • Readers can vote on your blog posts
  • The voting system is based on a 5-star system with the stars representing votes for: Below Average, Needs Work, Average, Above Average, Excellent
  • Voters get immediate feedback that their vote was registered via a “Thank you for Voting” prompt as well as an immediate update of the voting results displayed alphanumerically
  • Administrator can set how many times a visitor can vote for a post, and visitors are tracked by IP address
  • The default setting will not display the number of total votes, thereby making the plugin useful for both high traffic and low traffic blogs

5. Post Star Rating

Post Star Rating is a plugin that allows blog users to rate posts in a classic five stars way.

6. Xavin’s Review Ratings

Adds a shortcode tag [xrr rating=4/5] that displays a rating in one of several formats. Intended for sites doing reviews.

7. Visitor Like/Dislike Post Rating

Let your visitors rate your posts, using simple AJAX and jQuery to update the posts’ ratings dynamically. Visitors can either like or dislike your posts, which should provide you with simple, yet constructive, feedback of the content you include in your posts.

8. Visitor Like/Dislike Comment Rating

Let you and your visitors rate your comments, using simple AJAX and jQuery to update the comments’ ratings dynamically. Visitors can either like or dislike the comments, which should provide you with simple, yet constructive, feedback of the content included in them.

9. Mombly Review Rating

Mombly Review Ratings allow you to easily insert ratings for your reviews on your wordpress blogs. The format to add a rating is simply just [Rating:3.5/5]. You can even use your own pictures for the stars of the ratings. There is also text support for RSS feeds.

10. Comment Rating Widget

This plugin is an add on to the Comment Rating plugin (version 2.9.0 or later). It displays ratings along with the most recent comments in the sidebar in formats of your design. The comment rating and images on display can be “Likes only”, “Dislikes only”, or Both. This is customizable by the “Value for comment_karma” option in Comment Rating.

11. Comment Rating

Allows visitors to rate comments in Like vs. Dislike fashion with clickable images. Poorly-rated & highly-rated comments are displayed differently

12. Five Star Rating

Five Star Rating is a plugin that allows WordPress users to rate post(s) and or pages using a classic five star method.

13. Contestant Rating

Contestant Rating is a plugin that allows wordpress users to rate post(s) in a single post using a classic five star method.

14. I Like This

This plugin allows your visitors to simply like your posts instead of commment it.

15. wp-postratings-my

Shows users their WP-PostRatings and allows filters.

16. WP-StarsRateBox

An AJAX Stars Rate Box with slide down effect and opinions collect system for your WordPress blog’s page.

17. Vote-the-Post

Vote-the-Post allows users to rate each post from one to five stars. Vote-the-Post will show the default rating (3 stars = average) unless one user has already voted, in which case the plugin will display their vote. The overall vote calculation includes the default value. The plugin is blogger-friendly.

18. Rate Anything!

Rate Anything adds a rating list to your blog, allowing you to set up your own categoried and give items in it a rating.

19. Blogarate User Style Rating Widget

Blogarate plugin allows you to have your blog post rated. The plugin shows the score you’ve got and the total number of viewer that have rated your post. Full admin options available. Can styles the plugin in several ways.

20. Rate it!

A collection of functions that allow you to add a rating to each post.

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  1. Hi, I am looking for a rating plugin Using which I could Insert rating system In between the post . Any where I want . Currently I am making a blog related to movies so I want to add a rating system between the post . Is their any plugin available that I could use ? I also want one click Integration using the dashboard

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