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15 very useful eCommerce addons for WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system platform that can be customised with thousands of plug-ins, which enhance WordPress functionality in areas such as ecommerce, search engine optimisation, social networking, image management, security, and site administration. This post is about ecommerce and mobile commerce. Whether you sell products or offer services, WordPress can extend your web application to the limits. Following are the top 15 ecommerce plug-ins for your WordPress powered commerce.

best ecommerce plugins for wordpress sites


It is a powerful, extendable ecommerce plug-in that keeps record of incoming sales and reviews, stock levels, and general store performance. WooCommerce can be downloaded for free, with extensions and themes (premium and third-party) available for purchase. Its other features include product and inventory management, a customer account area, control over shipping and tax charges, powerful analytics, flat rate shipping, PayPal standard gateway, and simple offline gateways for payments.

Ready! Ecommerce Shopping Cart

This free plug-in is a shopping-cart solution that allows the users to create products from either pages or posts and also includes a basic XML feed. The configurable shipping address feature and order tracker allow you to keep track of all of your transactions and sort your transactions’ list. It helps you customise product options, create product variations, and import and export products in CSV formats. It includes support for multiple gateways like PayPal, Google Wallet, Pay on delivery method, manual payment, and e-Processing network.


eShop is a free ecommerce plug-in that allows customers to create profiles to sign up on your site to purchase your services or products. It has a simple interface for quick browsing and purchase. It includes features like shipping and tax options, basic inventory control, and multiple product options. Moreover, it allows you to download your sales data for your convenience. Adding products and customising settings is also very easy on eShop.

WP e-Commerce

This easy-to-install, customisable shopping cart has been popular for several years. The plug-in is available as a free download, with a variety of features such as support for multiple currencies, Google and PayPal Checkout integration, inventory control, flexible coupon and quantity discounts, and control over shipping calculations. This WordPress ecommerce plug-in helps simplify the shopping experience for your customers by offering new product widgets and free shipping options.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

It is a simple-to-use, yet highly customisable plug-in that can be integrated to any existing site or Facebook profile. It outsources tax calculations and location-based shipping to PayPal.


This marvellous WordPress ecommerce plug-in allows you to set up your online shop in minutes with physical and downloadable products. You can create multiple product types and apply detailed attributes so that customers can easily refine your catalogue with just a couple of clicks. Inside the dashboard, sales graphs, stats on stores together with review notifications can give a huge impact to any business.

Cart 66 Lite

If your blog site offers several products and services, then use this wonderful WordPress ecommerce plug-in to manage orders effectively and sell products from any page or post. Cart 66 has a unique feature that I think makes it a better fit depending on the needs of your ecommerce project. It offers affiliate platform integration and Amazon S3 integration for all of your digital products. Furthermore, it also includes built-in recurring billing and memberships with all top payment gateways. Another great feature of Cart 66 Lite is that it makes shipping of both physical and digital products easy.


It is a powerful shopping cart plug-in that includes multiple payment gateways, Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking, shipping, sale pricing, customisable email reports, and more. Download this easy-to-use plug-in to set up your stylish online EBay-style network of stores.

WP Online Store

This WordPress ecommerce plug-in gives you the ability to easily integrate an online shopping cart into any WordPress theme. It includes features like order editor, product sort order, Discount Coupon Codes Manager, Information Page creator, built-in HTML newsletter system with mass email software, auto sales tax calculation, inventory tracking system, credit card validation, global bestsellers list,  and advanced administration tools.

Quick Shop Plug-in

It is a popular lightweight cart plug-in that only works with PayPal. It adds a sidebar which displays the visitor’s shopping cart along the page. It allows the merchant to set the currency, supports built-in email functionality, provides the option to add products to pages with a TinyMCE button and even provides free shipping for orders exceeding a certain amount. Merchants can remove any item from their shopping cart.

Ecwid Shopping Cart

It is a free ecommerce plug-in which is very easy to install. It is a fully featured shopping card system that can easily integrate with your social profiles. The free plan offers e-commerce widgets for WordPress whereas paid plans add features like volume discounts, discount codes and inventory management.


If you want to create catalogs, stores and galleries for your blog, then customize your ecommerce site with this plug-in. CataBlog comes with a full developer guide that you can use to create and customize a module for your site. With CataBlog, you can create widgets for displaying your catalog and catalog categories in sidebars. Aside from filtering by multiple categories with one ShortCode, sorting your catalog by title or order is also an option.

TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart

It is a free WordPress ecommerce plug-in that can be used as shopping cart, catalog or framework. Not only is it compatible with many existing plug-ins in the WordPress repository, but you can also extend its functionality with themes.


It is a free ecommerce plug-in that integrates a shopping cart with WordPress in an efficient manner. Moreover, it has more pre-built themes than other ecommerce plug-ins.

Are PayPal Plug-in

If you want to restrict the guests from seeing the hidden content of your ecommerce site like intellectual property or digital arts, customize your blog with Are PayPal plug-in. In order to see and access exclusive content of your blog, one will need to register on your site. This WordPress ecommerce plug-in uses Pay Pal – IPN protocol so that payment is quick and automatic.

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