jQuery is the popular library and is used by more than 50% of all websites online.
It is extendable by plugins and there are many of them created by large community of developers. We wrote several posts on Enfew blog about very useful jQuery plugins. There are many sites online which collect such plugins, and to make it easier for Enfew readers we have put together a list of most useful jQuery plugin collection sites on the Internet. Enjoy, and let us know if we have missed some good links.


unhep jquery plugin repositary on enfew

Well organised jQuery plugin repository with nice user interface. They allow  search as well as making it clear which plugins are commercial and which are free to use. Some of plugins have video tutorials attached.

Official jQuery Plugin Repository

official jquery plugin repositary on enfew

On the official jQuery framework web site you will find the link to jQuery plugins directory. Driven by community via GitHub.
It has search capabilities, visitor can sort plugins by newest and most recent. From the user interface perspective this site can be somewhat more complicated to view then other jQuery plugin collection sites.

Jquery4u Plugins Directory 

jquery4u plugin repositary on enfew

This website has lots of information about jQuery and dedicated plugin directory. Well designed and easy to navigate, but number of plugins available doesn’t seam to match other jQuery plugin repositories out there. Nevertheless give it a try and you might find that jQuery plugin you are looking for.

 jQue Handpicked jQuery Plugin Directory

jque plugin directory on enfew

This directory is built by community, and everyone can contribute to the website files on GitHub. There is an approval process which makes sure that plugins published on this site are good quality and useful. Search and user experience could be better but overall this site is great resource for finding very useful jQuery plugins.

jQuer.in a plugin a day

jquer.in on enfew

This jQuery plugin repository is publishing new jQuery plugin everyday. Handpicked and submitted by jQuery developer community, there are some good plugins in this directory. There is option to search plugins by category.


jquery-plugins.net on enfew

This site is about jQuery, with much visited blog and tutorials section. It also has well maintained directory of jQuery plugins, updated almost daily with new, useful and free plugins from jQuery community out there. Great user experience, as this site uses bits of flat design.

Overall, there are plenty of jQuery plugins out there. Technical community around jQuery is large and developers produce many great extensions. You just have to find them online! Let us know if we have missed any helpful resource sites.


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