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Getting started with jQuery. Best tutorials and examples

JavaScript library called jQuery is now available to web and mobile application creators for some time. It has evolved from just being a side project to becoming one of most used JavaScript libraries, powering as much as 50% of websites globally. On our blog we have created several posts with links to jQuery resources, tutorials and plugins and they always do attract many readers.
What we also noticed – developers who are not yet familiar with JavaScript scripting language and its frameworks are keen to understand and learn about them. To help, we have collected links to the most popular and useful online beginner tutorials with step by step examples, guides and tips. Our aim is that after reading tutorials our readers who are learning how to create mobile and web apps would have an understanding what JavaScript, jQuery and other magic and so much used words mean.
Here is the list of the best beginner tips and tricks while working with jQuery.

Getting started with jQuery. Best tutorials and examples

14 Helpful jQuery Tips

Nettuts blog has a post with 14 very useful and easy to implement jQuery tips for your projects. They are aimed at the beginners and are quite easy to understand. Will surely make your projects look better.

Top 10 jQuery Tips and Tricks

Additional 10 tips which will help you to add more dynamic effect to your web sites.

20 Simple jQuery Tricks

How to create rounded corners for your pictures? Scrolling menus or WordPress and jQuery contact forms? You will find all these covered in this tutorials list, without much complexity. Everything is in simple and beginner friendly fission.

Very Easy jQuery Tricks

As the name says, these jQuery tips will be easy to implement and a good learning exercise.

51+ jQuery Examples

This is great collection of jQuery tutorials, examples and tricks you can use for projects. Covering all the best online resources and well written tutorials. Highly recommend to go through this list.

Queness jQuery tips

Again some lightweight but much effective and useful tips and tricks from jQuery land. You will learn how to check for errors and make sure that your code is running on Internet Explorer browser.

jQuery4You Tricks

This site has some great tutorials. For example – how to create video player with jQuery or how to create a chat room. These are little bit more advanced but if you followed our first seven links you are now well prepared to jump in and check out these example tutorials.

If you have any questions related to all these tutorials or want to suggest some other great resources for learning and understanding jQuery please leave your comments under the post and we will respond and answer your questions. Good luck with learning!

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