HTML5 is quickly gaining popularity on the web. Everyday we see more games developed using HTML5 and JavaScript and web users just love to play these. Even with simple but attractive game you can get thousands of hits. With all major tech giants out there declaring internet browser support for HTML5 we are giving you best 10 HTML5 game development tutorials we found on the web. Many of these links are suggested by our reader community. Do you know other great HTML5 tuts we have missed in the list? Let us know in comments and we’ll share them with our readers. Looking for list of good mobile wireframing and prototyping tutorials? We have listed then in one of the recent blog posts.
Below are 10 HTML5 game development tutorials:

1. Build your first game with HTML5

NetTuts+ team have produced great tutorial about building your first HTML5 game with a little help of Box2D. Must see for all who are starting HTML5 road.

2. Build your own HTML5 3D engine

Tutorial created by Mikko Haapoja and covering HTML5 3D magic. Mikko goes into deep detail on how to build small yet efficient canvas-based 3D engine. Great advanced tutorial.

3. How to Build Asteroids game with the Impact

In this tutorial you’ll see how to build a simple space-based asteroids game using the Impact HTML5 game engine, one of the more robust engines out at the moment. After finishing this tutorial you’ll have fully working HTML5 based space game. 

4. Auto-Resizing HTML5 Games

Really useful piece on adjusting your games to different screen sizes and various media game players will use to play your HTML5 game. Variety of Internet enabled devices out there is overwhelming and you have to make sure your game looks good on top ones.

5. Learn HTML5 With This Simple Avoider Game Tutorial

New to HTML5? No worries, the best way to learn is by creating simple game.
Michael James Williams explains insides of HTML5 game development with JavaScript and the canvas elements. He guides you through initial steps of creating simple game and also advises on mistakes to avoid.

6. Yes, another HTML5 game explained

Michal Budzynski has created superb 5 part tutorial where he step by step walks through Doodle Jump type game design and development with help of HTML5.

7. Bear, background woods and some noises. Secrets of creating HTML5 games

Jason Croucher explores woods, noises and wild animals while developing HTML5 based game.

8. Make sure your HTML5 game runs optimized

Nicola Hibbert created good tutorial about optimizing your HTML5 games. She goes through many steps and explains performance optimization techniques plus what value optimization brings to game developers and players.

9. Creating great HTML5 game in 5 lessons

Another 5-piece tutorial. Aditya Ravi Shankar expert HTML5 game developer has created it for those who are starting with HTML5 games.

10. HTML5 Multiplayer Game Development

This is over 1 hour long video from Google Tech Talk where Rob Hawkes talks HTML5 multiplayer. Many good points to take away.

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