HTC Titan – a super sized smartphone

Design HTC Titan edge is made from metal and gives the impression of solidity. When you will talk on the phone a lot when is cold outside, you feel like your own skin literally freezes .The battery cover opens very easily. You will find the HTC logo beautifully stylized at the front, but also at the back side where is accompanied by the warning, with the necessary quotes, that […]

Top 10 best smartphones of the moment

Business Insider says that at the end of November and first part of December will be the time when mobile gadgets and the phones will be sell very good. And Business Insider also realized a ranking of the latest and best smartphones that you can buy for the holidays. 10. […]

5 HTC Evo User Guides – Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

HTC Evo screenshot photo By Gizmodo

1. HTC EVO 4G User Manual available By Mobiletechworld If you can’t wait until tomorrow here’s your chance to grab the HTC EVO 4G User Manual that is now available on Sprint’s website. Both the Getting Started Guide and User Guide are currently up on Sprint‘s support servers: User Guide (EN) […]