HTC Titan – a super sized smartphone

Design HTC Titan edge is made from metal and gives the impression of solidity. When you will talk on the phone a lot when is cold outside, you feel like your own skin literally freezes .The battery cover opens very easily. You will find the HTC logo beautifully stylized at the front, but also at the back side where is accompanied by the warning, with the necessary quotes, that we are dealing with a […]

HTC Freestyle Reviews and Specs

Description: To build a smarter phone, we kept it simple. User-friendly. Friend-friendly too. With HTC Sense, all your messages, emails, texts, tweets and status updates are grouped by person for easy viewing and follow-up. Add up to 12 contacts on your home screen for one-touch messaging, emailing and calls. More people, less passwords. With the […]

HTC Inspire 4G, Android Based SmartPhone Reviews and Specs

Description Introducing the HTC Inspire.  It’s ridiculously intelligent, super fun to be around and as you’ve probably noticed, extremely attractive too. Social Intelligence. With HTC Sense, every email, status update, tweet, text message and phone call is grouped by person for easy viewing and follow-up. And with HTC’s Friend Stream app, you can see what’s […]