Android tablets: Understanding Android APIs

understanding android tablets

In recent years, the traditional mobile phones have under gone various changes specifically in shapes and functionality. Its newer version is known as touch screen mobile phones also known as smart phones. The upgraded softwares, advanced applications and exquisite designs have further uplifted the smart phones into tablets. The tablets […]

Best tutorials for quickly designing mobile app prototypes

Being able to quickly create mobile application prototypes is very important tool in order to deliver good result – mobile applications loved by users. Prototypes and wire frames let you quickly test the actual application idea, screens and user interactions before spending great amount of time to develop fully working […]

What Mobile Applications?

What mobile applications

We seem to be in a constant state of worry over quality of life these days. Our daily chores and life at the office are taking up so much of our time that we failing to have a sufficient amount of time for ourselves. It isn’t unusual to feel frustrated […]