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Video Game Counterfeiters? No Way!

The video game market is a very popular site because of its entertainment aspect that draws people from all walks of life to get anything that can entertain them. This industry is worth millions of dollars just anybody want to ride on is popularity and in their quest for instant money and profit they succumb to the production of counterfeit games. Once you get yourself to buy bulk games from these counterfeiters, this will possibly bring problems to your business. The answer is do your thorough research on the internet to avoid these fake suppliers.

The technological advancement may be very useful but it is also one venue where counterfeiters can proliferate and make good. This means easier access to a lot of video games. Because a newly released game usually gains millions in its first day, it is no wonder the scammers would want to produce their own imitation copy. So if you find a very cheap top selling game on the internet, beware. You might be getting the counterfeit one.

Let us consider some important things to avoid buying counterfeit video games. The following will guide you whether you choose to buy a new or opt to have the used one, you will be able to avoid being duped if you remember to first think realistically.

If you happen to find a distributor selling a popular game which has just been released at a price that is so much lower than the market price, there is a possibility that you will doubt the authenticity of the product. Think of why could the distributor choose to sell it at that amount when in the market it is still a hot thing and people are still edging their way to get it even at the existing price which usually is tagged at a high amount. This is when the counterfeit issue needs to be addressed.

The second thing to be remembered is when you find a certain distributor selling a lot of copies of a top selling video game when stores around you are running out of stocks, then you better ask yourself the question Why? Why do they not seem to run out of copies when stores inform their customers that the product is all sold out? This is when you should think that probably they have counterfeit copies. In many online auction sites, be careful to check description in the online directory list. Most counterfeiters do not make a clear description about the item and will not divulge the name of the manufacturer. They in most cases will probably not mention anything about authenticity. The reason is that if they do not claim it to be real, then you cannot lodge a complaint if ever you receive a fake product.

Another way of refraining from getting a counterfeit is to beware when you see a game that is advertised by video games wholesalers as new yet it does not come in its original box. It is most likely a counterfeit when the original instruction manual is not included in the package where the video game is.

This last reminder is very important. Be sure you have thoroughly researched about the wholesalers you are dealing with. Check the web for possible negative feedback especially complaints about how they handle their business transactions. Better still, try to contact them in the phone and if you have questions ask them for clarification. Most fake games come from the Asian region so be very cautious when you deal with sellers that come from these areas.

Apply these principles especially when you are buying wholesale video games like Wii, Xbox, Nintendo DS, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, and even when you try to buy wholesale PC games and other video accessories.

Always remember that it is always advisable not just to use your intuition but above all your common sense. If you find a deal to be questionable and seemingly so good to be true, take your time and check and double check your sources. Yes a lot of bargain items are out for the getting but just be sure you get your money’s worth. Remember these principles and no doubt you will get the original one.

Source by Nancy J. McClaren

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