Selling books online can be fun and profitable. Selling books online is a great home-based business. There are a few frustrating aspects to it though. The downsides of selling books online mostly have to do with customer service, the markets, and seller mistakes.

Here are my Top Five Reasons Why Selling Books Online Can be NO Fun

1. Customers – Please read the book description before buying it. It drives me nuts when a customer gets a book and wants a refund or threatens negative feedback because the dust jacket of the book is torn (even though it said so in the item description).

2. Customers – please stop sending me the “How much for shipping to Canada” (or whatever country) email when the book is listed as not eligible for international shipping. I get it – you didn’t read the item description. This is more of a pet peeve then a real frustration.

3. Alibris – Please give me my money more than once a month. I would appreciate the ability to get it transferred to my account whenever I want – like Amazon allows.

4. Penny Sellers. Penny sellers on Amazon attempt to make a dime or two n each book they sell. They also drive the prices of books down. I am not sure how they survive but they are the bane of booksellers on Amazon

5. Library Sales – people these sales are not rugby scrums. If someone dropped $10 in front of you would you push me and grab the money and quickly stuff in your pocket? Likely not but somehow this behavior is OK when going for a $10 book. Library sales are often in cramped basements. You have to arrive hours early, pay to get in and then rush to get books and hope you do not have somebody’s scanner blind you with their laser

The above list is not enough to make selling books online a “tough” business. Despite any frustrations I do love selling books online. The above list is mostly tongue-in-cheek (except for the penny sellers) and could be tripled in size as I continue to nit-pick.

Regardless, I love selling books on Amazon.

Source by David M Wilson

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