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How To Learn To Write A Book

It’s everyone’s dream, having your own top selling book paving the way to great publicity, prestige, wealth and fame giving you the freedom to finally break free of the daily grind.

When many of us consider how to learn to write a book we think back to studying great fiction writers in school where we are taught the basics of grammar and the English language. Yes, you have to know the basics of how to write, but to write an ebook or best-selling book, it has little to do with writing ability and everything to do with understanding your readers and what they want.

Of course this is good news if you don’t fancy yourself a literary type, where the words just don’t seem to come when you sit down to write and where adhering to the main rules of grammar and spelling are more painful than placing your hand on a hot element.

Your question of how to learn to write a book can be answered in 3 simple steps.

1. Mastering idea generation and market research. You will notice that this step has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but instead stresses the importance of knowing how to evaluate demand, uncover opportunities to provide answers to questions and understand the unerlying motivation behind common questions your readers will have.

2. Organize and Outline. It’s a little known fact that non-fiction, informational books are most valuable when organized into a logical sequence of information corresponding to high demand customer questions. Especially important to mastering the organization of any ebook, book or informational product is to reverse engineer the questions that your reader will need to have answered to get from their current situation to where they want to be.

If you ask how to learn to write a book, learning how to outline your book, ebook, course or information product is the one single key to earning a fortune. Not only will it make writing your products much faster, it will open up opportunities for inexpensive ghostwriting for some of all of your books freeing your time to enjoy life.

3. Making Everything Old Unique Again. There is very little new information that exists out there, yet every month their are new best-selling books on topics where many books have been written before. Is there repetition – absolutely. Many of my clients that ask me how to learn to write a book feel they must be 100% unique in the information they provide, yet again and again top selling books contain information that largely overlaps what is already available – so why do they sell?

You may not believe me when I say this, but it is absolutely true, you only need to have one unique aspect about your product for it to become a best-seller. It is possible, and has been done many times, that all of the content overlaps with what is already out there, but is simply presented in a different way – back to the organization topic we discussed earlier.

For example, you could take the topic of traveling on a low budget, research information already available, then re-package the knowledge into your own formula – even add one or two unique experiences from your own travels and there you have it, a completely original work.

To realize our dream of becoming a best-selling author we have to know how to learn to write a book, surprisingly it has more to do with reading your market, organizing and re-packaging information in a way that is perceived as unique. With this formula, you too can realize your dreams of writing a top-selling book.

Source by Jeff Smith

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