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The 7 Best Customer Service Videos on the Market

Customer service training videos are one of the most effective ways to teach service skills to your employees and there are several outstanding titles available to assist in your training. Most of these programs include leaders guides, participant guides and activities to further the training after the video is finished.

Give em the Pickle – Bob Farrell’s classic program focuses on the motivational side of service. Farrell wit and wisdom sparkle throughout the program as he explains how great service was the hallmark of his ice cream shop empire in the 1970s. Give em the Pickle was his service battle cry. A simple phrase that means that you need to give your customers that extra special service – something beyond the normal like free pickles with their order or singing the birthday song to children on that special day. This customer service video is still the best-selling program on the market, used by thousands of service trainers through the world. Farrell keeps the information general enough to be used in any sector of the business world.

The Guest – The original Guest and now The Guest – Second Edition are both available as a package purchase for the same price. The Guest is one of the best-selling programs in the history of corporate training. The extremely well produced program uses the analogy of welcoming and taking care of a guest in your home while you are at work. The basic skills associated with the treatment of guests in your home crosses over nicely with the customer service skills needed in the workplace. Through a variety of well-acted scenarios, The Guest shows extraordinary service in a comedic before and after style. The “before” scenarios are hilarious. The Guest is a must have for any customer service trainer.

Remember Me – Third Edition – Remember Me is a hilarious look at the plight of the customer. He takes a lot of abuse without fighting back, but in the end he has the last say – he just takes his business elsewhere. Through a variety of funny bad service scenarios, Remember me demonstrates why service is so important for a business. Without the customer there is no business.

So Help Me? – So Help Me comes with a manager version, employee version or both. The solid service program has an excellent variety of service vignettes that competently displays the basics of good service. This is a high-level program with excellent production values, acting and content. If you need a solid, nuts and bolts program on service that covers the essentials your employees need to know, then So Help Me is an excellent selection.

Actions and Attitudes – This customer service video made specifically for retail covers the basics of service with a start and stop vignette style. An affable host takes employees through a variety of retail scenarios in different environments. The common-sense style combines basics with a variety of insights specific to retail environments.

Who Cares – Who Cares is another solid nuts and bolts service program. If you are looking for a basic service skills video with good acting and production values, then you will have success with this service video. The wide variety of scenarios will provide a solid base of customer service skills for your employees.

The Difficult Guest – This follow-up to the Guest focuses on difficult customer service situations and how to solve them with the same hilarious scenarios, great acting and extremely high-level production values as the original guest. A great follow-up to train on specific difficult service problems that occur on a daily basis in every workplace, The Difficult Guest is a must-have.

Any of these customer service videos will provide your organization with a great service training tool to be used for years to come. They all come with a complete training program to go along with the video to make the training process as easy as possible.

Source by Charlie Bentson King

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