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Greatest Guitarists of Our Time

Young musicians looking for inspiration among this generation of guitar players will definitely not be disappointed with the amount of talent they will find.

While big names such as Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, and Jimmy Page, among others, have made history for exhibiting phenomenal skills, there is no lack of talented axe-wielders in our time.

Anyone who seriously wants to learn and improve as a guitarist should check out the work of these men:

Jack White

Although he is mostly known as the singer and guitarist of two-piece band The White Stripes, Jack White has surely proved himself as a musician by releasing nine albums in a span of ten years. Fans adore him for his brilliant way of incorporating different genres in his music such as garage rock and blues.

Tom Morello

Known for his innovative use of the guitar and its effects, Tom Morello’s work is so distinct it’s hard to find a guitarist that exactly sounds like him. His unique arsenal of noise makes him stand out among his peers. He can make the guitar sound like a screaming monkey, a helicopter, and a whole lot more. He’d even play with feedback and static every once in a while. Check out his groundbreaking work on albums by Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and Street Sweeper Social Club. Bulls on Parade,” “Like A Stone,” and “Original Fire” are some noteworthy songs where his signature noise can be heard.

Matthew Bellamy

Matthew Bellamy has also been making waves in the music industry. Besides, this is a guitarist who has been dubbed the “Hendrix of this generation” which, for most musicians, is the biggest of all compliments. His impressive guitar work can be heard in all albums of his band, Muse.

John Frusciante

A mere mention of John Frusciante’s name brings the words “Red Hot Chili Peppers” to mind for casual music listeners. However, those who are so keen will know that this guy definitely deserves more recognition than that.

Aside from laying down licks and riffs for RHCP’s best-selling Californication record, Frusciante has also proved himself to be a musician that’s worthy of respect and admiration.

Believe it or not, he has released several solo albums and each one of them stands as a testament of his musical versatility. He has explored various styles ranging from electronica and experimental rock plus he has collaborated with artists of different genres.

The track “Ramparts” is an excellent track that demonstrates his impressive guitar-playing ability.

Source by Jesse Burns

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