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Retro Gaming Discussion – Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the third installment of the Super Mario Bros. series. I have decided not to do the second installment due to its unpopularity and for the fact that Super Mario Bros. 3 is the TRUE sequel to Super Mario Bros. SMB3 is one of the best selling games of all time, narrowly coming short of its true predecessor, SMB. But despite that, it is a huge ugprade of its predecessor. The game was released in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as the NES.

Super Mario Bros. 3, like Super Mario Bros., is a side scrolling adventure game featuring Mario and Luigi, the Super Mario Bros. All three powerups from the original game are back, along with new ones. Most notably the Super Leaf, which turns Mario or Luigi into Raccoon Mario or Raccoon Luigi, also granting them the ability to fly. Other powerups include the Hammer Suit (throw hammers), Tanooki Suit (similar to the Super Leaf, also with the ability to turn into a statue and have near invulnerability), and Frog Suit (better swimming abilities).

The enemies in this game are vastly updated as well. The Goombas return, along with the turtles (which you can now carry around their shells), the hard shelled beetles (also carry around their shells), the octopi, the baby sharks (along with an adult shark, which can eat Mario and Luigi), among others you may recognize. Bowser returns, but this time he has brought along seven of his children, called Koopalings: Larry, Morton Jr., Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, and Ludwig Von Koopa. These seven children are the final bosses of the first seven worlds, with Bowser himself guarding the eighth world.

Speaking of the worlds, they all have themes to them just like the first game. But even more detail has been put in them this time. The worlds are as follows, in this order: Grass Land (themed to just plain grass), Desert Land (themed to a desert, complete with quicksand and dust devils), Water Land (themed to water, where the stages are partially or completely underwater), Giant Land (where everything is huge), Sky Land (themed to the sky), Ice Land (themed to ice, where everything is frozen and slippery), Pipe Land (themed to pipes, the most common method of transportation for Mario and Luigi), and Dark Land (themed to fire, lava, and darkness, and contains Bowser’s lair).

The music and sound effects, while not as commonly sampled like SMB was, still are classics today. In fact, I remember I use to hum the music in the underground stages (stage 1-5 for example) for its rap beat like sound. Great stuff there.

Nintendo made a masterpiece with this game, believe me. Even though I have completed it time and time again, I still come back and play this each and every time I have my NES out. I love this game for the childhood memories it has brought me and the laughs it has given me.

Source by Steven Pruitt

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