Being the best at StarCraft 2 is really worth it. Your in-game name will be on everyone’s lips, people will look up matches you’ve played on YouTube. Gaming websites will interview you and millions of SC 2 players will want to talk to you. You will be nothing less than a celebrity. Getting there, however, is a different story.

Making it to the top requires just one thing…


If you want to make it to the Diamond League and from there work your way up to the top 10 players, you will need to have a very strong resolve. Not only that, but you will also need to play a lot of hours each day to learn new tactics and ways to overcome your opponent.

The decisive factor will be your ability to move really fast as you play with both your hands and your mind. Sadly, a problem usually appears here.

In order to evolve to the next step, you’ll need some help. You can either befriend another player and have him coach you, if he is better than you, or you can take a more innovative approach, and that is to use a StarCraft 2 guide.

Finding the best StarCraft 2 guide is very important to anyone who wants to evolve at the game. Finding someone to coach you or getting a SC 2 guide is pretty much the same. The only difference is that with a guide, you make your own schedule.

As far as quality and effectiveness goes, a StarCraft 2 guide might be even better than a high-ranking player showing you the works. This is because the same type of really good player, or players, have worked to put together an e-course that contains the most useful and most effective strategies and tactics that anyone can use.

Increasing your speed in the game will also be covered by a guide. The only thing that the best StarCraft 2 guide can do about that is tell you a little bit about APM and give you a few tips. The same goes for a player trying to help you increase your APM. The rest will be up to you and the strength of your resolve.

I started playing the game from scratch and made my way up to the Diamond League. It was a long and hard road, but I am getting close to my aim. I know how hard it can get and how hard it will get to make it to the top of the ladder. All you can do is play hard and never give up. If you need help at any time you can always turn to the best StarCraft 2 guide.

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