Are you an author looking for effective ways to to be viewed as an expert in your field? Did you know that becoming an online best selling author is one of the best ways to create more credibility and visibility online? There are some very simple (not necessarily easy) ways to do this.

If your book is a self help, business, spiritual or virtually any topic that can be developed into a workshop you host your own free one hour presentation, fill your room with attendees who are interested in your topic, bundle the book with a one day (or more) workshop and up-sell from the platform.

This is an incredible way to generate revenue during slow economies. We live in a ‘try before you buy’ society. By hosting a one or two hour complimentary workshop you are giving your attendees a taste of what you have to offer. When you do a stellar job presenting your information, you will likely be able to introduce your paid programs.

Having an online best seller will make your mom proud and that is a darned good reason too. This is one of my favorites. As you can see there are definite advantages to being an author. However; becoming an bestselling author has even more benefits.

If you are a professional speaker you may be able to increase your fees if you have an online best selling book. Often it is simply a matter of knowing one’s worth and testing price points.

If you are a consultant, you are considered more of an expert when you are a bestselling author. If you are looking to create opportunities, you can do so more easily if you know how to position yourself with the status of being a bestselling author.

With proper media outreach you can get some great opportunities to do interviews in your local market. To find out all the media opportunities in your geographic region do a Google search to find dozens, even hundreds, of resources. Local media is often an underutilized avenue for gaining visibility and market position.

When you are looking for lots of opportunity for you and your book, it’s not just about becoming a bestselling author; it’s how you position yourself as an online bestselling author that opens up amazing opportunities.

Source by Kathleen Gage

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