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Know the Law of Attraction History

Law of Attraction Origin

The Law of Attraction is the New Thought principle. The origin of the term is not yet known but in 1879, the New York Times became the first newspaper to use the word “Law of Attraction.” The newspaper did not used the term to describe the Law of Attraction that we know today.

The Law of Attraction we know today came from The New Thought Movement that took place in the 19th Century. There are many New Thought writers, one of those that strongly influenced the New Thought Movement is Thomas Troward.

Writings And The Secret

Besides James Allen and Wallace Wattles writings, Thomas Troward’s “Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science” is one of the inspirational source for “The Secret” production. The Secret is 20th Century way of getting to know the Law of Attraction; it is documentary film that were made by Rhonda Byrne and featured many other modern Law of Attraction teachers.

In 1906, in the book called “Thought Vibration Or The Law of Attraction In The Thought World,” by William Walker Atkinson used the term to explain the Law of Attraction we know today. Next, there was “The Science Of Getting Rich” written by Wallace Wattles. It discusses the Law of Attraction based on Hindu teaching, that God pervades everything and we can manifest that which we focus on. From there, Law of Attraction got simplified into the saying, “What we focus on, expands.”

In 1928, Napoleon Hill released “The Law of Success.” This large book consists of 16 lessons. It was later simplified into another Law of Attraction classic book called “Think And Grow Rich” in 1937. There are reports saying that Henry Ford went furious over Napoleon Hill writings because it reveals the secrets of the Elite Class.

The book, “Think And Grow Rich” became one of the best selling books of all time. There is the 21st Century edition by different author been released. The original version of “Think And Grow Rich” was sold over 60 million copies. The book teaches the reader about the Law of Attraction. Napoleon Hill introduced with clear explanation on the Law of Attraction philosophy. He explained our thoughts possess the energy that can result in manifestation. And so, it is important for us to control our thoughts.

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