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Nintendo Wii Number 1 Bestsellers Chart

The last year has been the year for Wii games lovers with variety of games introduced in the market with better than ever controls and features. For buying cheap Wii games the best place is the Internet. How to tell the games worth buying and the ones worth renting is hit and miss. We have all seen the game stock shortages at times, so we often buy something we didn’t want. There are certain websites which find you the best Wii deals – and you can see how much the saving price is on comparison. Here is an aggregate list of top 10 Wii bestsellers.

Wii Top 10 Games Of 2009

1.New Super Mario Bros Wii – online

2.Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board

3.Band Hero: Band Hero Complete Bundle

4.Formula 1 2009 + F1 steering wheel pack

5.Wii console with Sports Resort Wii

6.LEGO Indiana Jones 2 – The adventure continues

7.Mario and Sonic – At the Olympic Winter Games

8.Just Dance Wii

9.FIFA 10

10.Rabbids Go Home

Knowing where to find a good game sites on the Internet which offer great Wii game deals, doesn’t mean abandoning loyalty. The best part of buying cheap it online is that you get to select cheap it after reviewing the prices of various game sites. If you are confused about which one of the above games to buy, then here is a review of some of the above listed Wii games.

Best Selling Wii Games Review

*New Super Mario Bros: This is an exciting and contemporary version of the original Super Mario Bros. The game offers extraordinary graphics and a variety of opportunities. There are many new tools to level up the Mario’s ability to fight against the villains and win the game. A great game for kids!

*Wii Fit plus with Balanced Board: This is a unique game that offers a fun way to work out and stay fit. You would never feel bored with workouts anymore! Try searching for great value deals on the various games sites to find cheap them.

*Band Hero: Band Hero Complete: This is a great game for all music lovers. It supports all Guitar Hero instrument controllers as well as other music game controllers. You can even team up with a partner to start a new level of competition.

*Formula 1 2009 + F1 steering wheel pack: This is an authentic version of 2009 Formula One season that can be accessed through your gaming console. The game offers multiplayer option also, so the entire family or friends can play together in wheel to wheel races. This is the most exciting racing game that offers close finishes. Search for this cheap Wii games and get ready for a swift race!

*Sports Resort Wii: This is a sequel to the very famous Wii Sports. The game takes you to the tropical island where you would meet with fun and exciting yet challenging activities including water sports, sword play, skydiving, and basketball. There is also an exciting fun game ‘Disk Dog’ where you have to toss a disk to a dog ‘Mii’. It is a great game with loads of customer ratings on it.

After reviewing the bestselling Wii games, the next thing on the list should be to find a good UK website that offers cheap them. If you are bored with playing the same old Wii games on your console, then it is time to buy some new exciting stock of games. You can either select from the current best selling Wii games or preorder the coming soon Wii games.

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