They say that everyone has a book in them. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but the difference is that very often people talk about their desire to write a book, but never seem to make the time, and constantly make excuses as to why they never seem to get around to it.

Others act on their desire, opening themselves up to receiving ideas or inspiration and hey presto, before they know it they are writing their masterpiece. Whether you start writing your book right now or at a future date is immaterial, although it is better to act on your idea and start right away.

First of all you need to decide what you are going to write about, and what sort of a book it is going to be. Will research be required or is it a subject that you are familiar with? Is it information that is going to be of interest to the reader? What niche are you targeting? Is there a market out there who will purchase your book? Do you have people interested enough in your subject and willing to part with their hard earned cash?

Is it going to be a regular book in which case you may need a Publisher or will you write an e-Book or self publish? Perhaps you should spend time doing your own research to determine if there is room for another book like yours on the market. How can you make your book different to all of the others? What will your unique selling point be? Check out resources to see the type of books people are buying as this will give you a good indication of what your potential market is likely to be and if it will be a popular choice.

It’s better to choose a subject matter that you know about and can write about easily. If your subject is your passion, then all the better, you will find that when you are in the zone and writing about your passion, then the inspiration will flow whenever you are immersed in your writing. Whether you are writing as a hobby or for a living, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are happy with what you are doing. You may even make a lot of money from your hobby which could be the start of a new project or lucrative lifestyle for you. For the 5 Secret Steps to writing your best selling book, check

Source by Paula M Williams

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