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How to Reach Base Level 99 Fast on Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online can be intimidating at first glance. Honestly, that is so expected without some expert opinion from players who already tried it. This is what this article is about. It’s about to prepare you on your journey on playing Ragnarok Online.

Number 1: Job choice. The preferred job choice is the Swordsman one. The trick is killing enemies on the fastest time. To be able to do this, you need the Magnum Break Skill, Fly Wings, and potions/fruits (whatever heals/cures the characters). To be able to be a Swordsman, you have to get your job level to 10.

Number 2: (Once a Swordsman) Where to level-up to be able to use the Magnum Break Skill. To be able to use the Magnum Break Skill, you have to increase your job level up to 10. Go to the Spores for this one. Get as much Magnum Break level as possible.

Number 3: Where to increase your base level up to 30: Go to the Poison Spores. The key here is luring and defeating as much Poison Spores as you can handle and kill with Magnum Break. Use your potions/fruits and Fly Wings along the way.

Number 4: Where to increase your base level up to 40: Go to the Orc Warriors (Orc Village).

Use the same technique used above.

Number 5: Where to increase your base level up to 53 and attain enough job level to be a Knight: Orc Zombie.

Number 6: Change into a second job as a Knight.

Number 7: Go back to the Orc Zombies to increase your base level up to 70. Try to change your weapon into a Pike and replace your skill from Magnum Break to Bowling Bash as fast as you can. Also, rent a Peco Peco as fast as you can

Number 8: If you don’t have much Zenny, keep on fighting Orc Zombies until you reach base level 99. Otherwise, go to other monsters which give more experience points until you reach base level of 99.

Number 9: Weapon choice: get as much strength as possible depending on your Zenny.

Number 10: What to increase: I would suggest filling up the DEX first as much as possible. Then, do the same with VIT. Lastly, spend the remaining points on STR. If there are still remaining points, it’s up to you where you would want to spend them.

Number 11: Use potions/fruits reasonably.

Number 12: Use fly wings for time efficiency.

This gives you an idea of how to level-up fast on Ragnarok Online. You can mix it up depending on your taste, style, and the like. Good luck!

Source by Joanna Marie Bautista Clark

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