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How to Find the Tightest Beats for Home-Studio Rappers and Producers

Finding the tightest beats when you are a rapper or producer working from your own

home studio can be a challenge. Do you search through the thousands of sites promising

royalty-free beats that dudes are making in their basements with tin cans and cheap

synthesizers? Or do you shell out big bucks in the hopes that you will stumble upon

that tight beat that will get you radio play TODAY? But if it fails, watch out ‘cuz you

might go broke.

Luckily, there is a happy medium I have found to work by providing me with a

plethora of beats and instrumentals that fit the mood of the kinds of songs I

like to write (mostly dark, twisted lyrics with dark humor or stories).

Google is a want to-be rapper’s best friend. By using the search engines,

I have been able to stumble upon a few sites promising beats that work

with my style. Take some time to look for “instrumentals”, “beats”, and

long-tail keywords such as “how to create songs at home” to really

zero in on what you want, which is: AFFORDABLE beats that get your head

nodding and your creative juices flowing.

Now, what’s really in is all this southside, “dirty dirty” crunk beats, etc.

This may be your thing, but because the rap market is so saturated,

you have to stand out, both lyrically and conceptually. That is why

it is soo important to focus on gathering your beats from only ONE or

TWO producers. This will give you more of a unified sound. When you

go all over the net looking for “free” this and “free” that, you are asking

for a discombobulated demo or street album that will come off as

unprofessional and corny.

There are a lot of guys out there selling their beats. How do you know if

they are any good, or worth the price? Look for producers who are selling

LOTS of beats but who aren’t just GIVING them away. The problem with

free beats is that EVERYONE and their momma is using them. Instead,

get quality beats, preferably for a ONE-TIME fee so you have all the

time you need to remix them, alter them, speed them up, slow them down,

etc. without worrying about buying more or paying some monthly


And finally, DO your research. Always remember that writing and performing

is where the real money is at, so keep honing your craft. Focus on keeping

those heads ringing and you will soon be blinging, playa!

Source by Ben Rosario

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