Android was introduced to smart phone world already some time ago. And still, every year millions of new users come on board as they buy new Android powered device. Great number of such users are meeting Android smart phone for the first time. So we have created short but very useful list of beginner level tutorials for Android users. Give them a try and let us know what do you think.

1. Beginners Guide To Android By

Android was released 3 years ago this November. Up until now, it was generally chosen by people who knew what Android was and bought their phone because Android was the OS used. Now, Android is fast becoming a standard in the way that Symbian was 3 years ago.

This means there are plenty of people now choosing their phone because they like the look of it, or they like the price or the hardware specs and perhaps don’t even know what Android is. This is a guide for these people. It may be of no use to you, but you might know someone who will benefit! Read on to start learning!

2.  The Beginner’s Guide to Android By

So you’ve picked up your new Android phone and you’re ready to dive right in! But like with any new gadget, you have unanswered questions about the features of Android and that powerful new device you’ve just booted up. And of course there are always unknown tips, tricks, and tutorials that you wish you’d known about beforehand. Luckily, we’ve got all the info that will put you on the fast track to becoming an Android expert!

3.  Welcome to Android: A beginner’s guide to freedom By

t-mobile G1 Welcome screen android guide

So you’ve scoured the forums, read every review on every tech blog, and have finally decided to make the big jump. You are now a new Android user. Congrats! Welcome to a new and exciting world that has (almost) no bounds. But now what? You’ve setup your phone, synced to your Gmail account, and have a fresh new home screen staring at you. While it may have limitless potential, Android can be a bit daunting to the new user.

4. Google Android: a beginner’s guide By CNET Yahoo!7 Australia

Google’s Android operating system is the new kid on the block, which is seeing an incredible surge in popularity thanks to the support it is receiving from manufacturers. In Australia the range of Android phones is growing faster than any other, and include models across all pricing tiers, from top-shelf handsets to prepaid models as well.

5. Android Phones: A Beginner’s Guide to Google Android

To the average user an Android phone is, in a few basic ways, similar to the iPhone. The key difference between Android phones and the Apple iPhone range is that Apple controls and produces both the iPhone hardware and software whereas Android is a piece of software (operating system) that a phone manufacturer like LG, HTC or Samsung then licenses to incorporate as the core software in their phones.


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