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10 Useful PHP Charts & Graphs Scripts

1. JpGraph – Most powerful PHP-driven charts

JpGraph is an Object-Oriented Graph creating library for PHP >= 5.1 The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts (both CGI/APXS/CLI versions of PHP are supported).

  • Web-friendly, average image size for a 300*200 image is around 2K and images are seldomly bigger than 4-5K
  • Automatic generation of client side image maps to make it possible to generate drill-down graphs.
  • Advanced interpolation with cubic splines to get smooth curves from just a few data points.
  • Supports several plot types,spider-plots, pie-charts (both 2d and 3d) , scatter-plots, line-plots, filled line-plots, accumulated line-plots, bar plots, accumulated bar plots, grouped bar plots, error plots, line error plots, box plots, stock plots
  • Support for alpha blending
  • Has over 200+ built in Country flags
  • Supports advanced Gantt-charts
  • Flexible scales, supports integer, linear, logarithmic, text (counting) scales and any combinatino thereof on x/y axis
  • Supports multiple Y-axes
  • Support various layout with a background image behind the plot
  • More than 400 named colors
  • Extensive documentation with both a > 750 pages tutorial and an extensive class reference.
  • Supports internal caching (with timeout) of generated graphs to lessen burden of a HTTP server.

2. FusionCharts – Stunning Charts for your PHP applications

FusionCharts Suite converts all the boring data in your PHP applications to stunning Flash Charts, Graphs and Maps. No matter whether you are building reports, dashboards, polls, analytics or any other web application, FusionCharts helps add both meaning and glamour to your data.

3. Jpowered Advanced Graphs and Charts for PHP

Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With the advanced graphing functionality you will be quickly adding impressive and dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive !

The PHP graphing scripts provide a very easy way to embed dynamically generated graphs and charts into PHP applications and HTML web pages. The graphing software is very easy to use and it is perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to web pages / applications within minutes. Will run under PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x or PHP 6.x

4. phpChart class package

Provides a PHP4 class package derived and hacked from advGraph to generate charts in Flash4 SWF format. The Ming PHP extension to SWF is used in this class package. [ License – GNU General Public License (GPL) ]

5. HTML-Graphs – a PHP bar graph and progress bar generator

Use this script to create horizontal / vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders. You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or graphical libraries required.

This script was tested with PHP 4 + 5.

6. DynaGraph

DynaGraph creates dynamic graphs based on data selected from a database query. Using PHP, DynaGraph accesses a MySQL database, and uses the results to plot information to a bar graph in the GIF format, using gd1.3.


A graph library for dynamic scientific, business, and stock-market charts. Written in PHP and requires PHP5 with GD. Includes Pie, Bar, Line, Area, Point and other plot types. Optionally uses TrueType fonts (TTF).

8. Libchart – Simple PHP chart drawing library

Libchart is a free chart creation PHP library, that is easy to use.

  • Bar charts (horizontal or vertical).
  • Line charts.
  • Pie charts.
  • Single or multiple data sets.
  • Compatibility with PHP 5.
  • Easy to study how it works and adapt to your needs.

9. PHPGraphLib – Lightweight PHP Graphing Library

PHPGraphLib is a lightweight PHP-based graphing library that creates slick PHP graphs for incorporation into a website or application. PHPGraphLib is free to use for personal use, and can be used for a small fee commercially.

PHPGraphLib is a PHP 4.3+ friendly object-oriented class that has powerful customization features, allowing you to generate the perfect bar, line, stacked bar, or pie graph for any application. Used with dynamic data, PHPGraphLib allows easy visual interpretation of sophisticated data sets. Simply feed PHPGraphLib an array of data points, and it will generate a .png chart of your data.

10.  GraPHPite – Open Source PHP OO Graph Rendering Utility

GraPHPite is pronounced “graphite”, as in the layered hexagonal structure of carbon. It is an acronym of Graph and PHP and ‘ite to make it pronouncable.

GraPHPite as is indicated by the title a PHP project to, via PHP’s object oriented model, simply but very customizable enable the user/developer to get exactly the look and feel they want.

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