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Top 9 Polls & Voting Php Scripts

1. CrowdVox – The Best PHP Review Script Ever Built

A flexible website review script which can be used to create your own review website. And its not built for just programmers, anyone can use it with ease.

  • Track your site daily visitor count from dashboard along with various metrics to track your website’s success.
  • On-Off switch for various features like content moderation, comments, content to show per page, bad word filter, email verification, editor reviews etc.
  • With the module manager, you get the complete flexibility of displaying any content any where across the website.

2. Free PHP Poll Script

Free PHP Poll script with simple admin panel to create polls. It is very easy to install if you follow the instructions. This poll does not support multiple voting options.

3. Want It! Have It! Love It!

Add a little user interactivity to your site with our flatfile PHP script “Have It, Want It, Love It”  Want It! Have It! Love It! allows your visitors to vote on whether they want, have or love an item your selling.

  • No matter if you sell, review or promote physical goods or digital goods, this script is for you!
  • You can add multiple voting systems or just one per page.
  • We love pushing buttons right? we just cant help ourselves! if its clickable we just wanna click it 🙂
  • Well dont get to click happy, the script has a feature to only allow each button to be clicked once by each visitor.
  • Via the admin area, you can reset all votes or individual votes as well as reset the IP file.
  • Installing and using the script is very simple, we have added a detailed readme file to help guide you.

4. DRBPoll – Free PHP Poll Script

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • The poll data is stored in flat files, so no database is required.
  • Prevents the same IP address from voting on a poll more than once.
  • XHTML syntax compliant, and compatible with both IE and Firefox.
  • Colors and fonts are defined in an ordinary, customizable CSS file.
  • The script is highly configurable and customizable.
  • Multiple polls on the your site can utilize the same instance of the script.
  • Poll options can be rendered as either radio buttons or a combobox.
  • Includes an example page demonstrating how to add a poll to virtually any PHP page on your website.

5. Stars Rate by PhpJabbers

Stars Rate is a simple, yet extremely powerful voting script that can be used to poll your web site visitors. With its small size it will look nice anywhere on your web site, making it easy to have your web site visitors share their opinion with you.

6. ProQuiz V2.0.0

Host static HTML content about your project.

Run a Content Management System (CMS) or other dynamic website with content about your project.

Deploy third-party Open Source web applications to support the needs of your project team. (We also provide a number of popular Open Source web applications for your immediate use through our Hosted Apps offering.)

For those projects implementing web applications, give you a platform to run a demo for your users, or for your development team to perform testing.

7.  Creating a simple file based polling script

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a simple, file based polling system where you can easy setup new polls. No database is required for this script and you only have to maintain one config file.

8. Animus FlashPoll

What it is – This script lets you add a small voting form to any web page that you own. People can then vote on whatever topic you add, and see the results in the form of an animated bar graph.

Why you want it – Adding a voting option to your web page can be a great way to get feedback as well as build a sense of community. This script makes it extremely easy to add and manage these forms, even if you’re new to web design.

9. Ajax Poll Script – Phpkobo

This is a free ajax poll script ( PHP + jQuery ). You can display a poll and it’s result on any HTML pages. ( The page does not have to be PHP ) It displays the poll result on the same page without moving to another page. It saves the data on a flat file and hence does not require any database.

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