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Would You Like to Create Best Selling Books? Discover the Great Steps to Stardom Now

Are you planning to release a new book and you want it to make a great impact on the market? Here, you would discover certain steps you can follow to rank your literary masterpiece among best-selling books in your niche.

Without any doubts, the goal of authors is to be successful in their book writing career. However, many of them are not taking time to develop their idea in such a way that it would bring maximum returns. The following points should therefore be noted:

* Consider profitability, rather than your personal interest. There is no hard and fast rule that you must write on topics relating to your area of interest. If it’s not in a profitable niche where there is a high degree of market demands, writing a book in such a niche might amount to a waste of your precious time and resources. First search for good niches based on market indices. Note that profitability varies from one niche to another.

* Never write a book because you want to make money from it. Don’t fall into the same mistake of many authors that churn out books of 5,000 – 7,000 words with little or no thought about what they are doing. Readers are looking for value in the content they read. Give them what they want; they would repay you with word-of-mouth marketing. As a result, the viral effect would take your book into the class of the best-selling books out there. Offer helpful content, then your book will generate cash for you.

* Carry out thorough research on the content. Depending on the niche, you should be able to write a book of 10,000 – 40,000 words. There are two things you should bear in mind while writing your content.

1. The content should be an answer to a pertinent question in the mind of target readers.

2. It should be a solution to a problem.

* The overall design of your book must be professional. In this case, the design deals with the content presentation and the back cover. Before any potential reader would purchase your book, he or she would first see the cover and a sample of the content. For instance, in most bookstores, about 5-10% of the content can be accessed. Make sure that your copyright section is short so that readers can access the ‘Introduction’, or some of the content in ‘Chapter One’ of the book. This is a pre-selling strategy being offered on bookstores. So, maximize that opportunity.

* Promote and market your book. Don’t sit back without promoting your it. Don’t think that hundreds or thousands of potential readers would see your book on page 1 of search results without any effort on your part. Drive traffic to your book page.

If you can take time to learn the foregoing principles, you would be able to achieve your writing goals. More so, writing and publishing best-selling book would be a breeze for you.

Source by Mack Richie-Love

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