If you are a new player of the World of Warcraft MMORG game you might not know that there are several pets that are available to help you on your journey as you travel to strange lands in this massively popular role playing game. In order to help determine which pet you should collect to aid you in your quest for adventure and conquest, one needs to obtain a World of Warcraft pet guide. Depending on the style of game that you wish to play a World of Warcraft pet guide is beneficial on deciding what type and class of pet you will take with you as you play the game.

There are many different pets and animals that you will find in the WOW game that fall under the hunter class in the game and they are; tank pets, fighting pets, balanced pets, and caster pets. All of these animals play an important role in the game whether it is for their ability to charge, survivability, prowess, ingenuity, strength or stamina. Having a World of Warcraft pet guide will help explain all of the capabilities of each pet and what one is the most desirable for you to obtain.

These pets are; bought from a vendor, obtained while completing certain quests, or captured through looting. In regards to this game and the pets that are part of WOW, the similarities to the Tamocachi of years gone by are quite amazing for these pets have to be fed, taken care of, loved, trained and kept happy in order to accomplish any goals that you might have in store for them while playing this game. So before setting out to play this game, make sure to surf around the internet and learn about the various roles that each pet and animal partakes in WOW to make sure that you choose the ones that will help you develop great skills and rise amongst the ranks in this online role playing game.

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