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What Are the Most Wanted Board Games This Christmas?

The best board games are a superb idea for Christmas gifts for friends and family this year, and as ever there is a wonderfully varied range to choose from! There are games to suit all interests, ages and skill levels.

There are family games, adult titles, movie related titles and a great many other types of board games on the market, all of which are brilliant ideas for Christmas. Not only do they provide fun over the Christmas period itself, but they are also gifts that can give lasting pleasure long after the festive season has ended.

Board games are perfect for rainy days, evenings in, fun with friends and lots of other times when there’s nothing on TV to argue over. The variety of best selling board gaming titles for Christmas this year is cheering, as it shows just how wide people’s interests vary. While there are some new takes on old favourites available this year, there are also some great new additions to the board-based fun scene to choose from.

Some of the best selling and most wanted board games for this Christmas include hugely popular names such as Bananagrams, which is the best selling game right now. This great take on a classic word game comes packed in a zip-up banana! Then there are other big titles such as the Quirkle game, Quiddler, Apples to Apples, The Settlers of Catan, Pictureka and more.

One of the biggest examples of the industry around right now, and especially good for Christmas, is the new Monopoly City edition, which features a cool new way of enjoying the famous Monopoly game. There are also media tie-in games like the Twilight Saga: New Moon board game or the Hannah Montana game.

There really is something for everyone, and these are just a few of the best selling an most wanted games around this year. The very best board games for Christmas are easy to find online, but not so easy to stop playing!

Source by Andrew Hawnt

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