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Understanding The Top 3 Game Consoles

If you are having a hard time choosing the best game console that will make your holiday season more special, then this article will help you because I will be showing you the features and offers of the top three game consoles today; Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

Microsoft Xbox 360 is said to be the sixth best game console ever created out of 25 game consoles, and this is for a reason. Xbox 360 supports DVD and CD, allowing its users to watch their favorite movies, if they don’t feel like playing games. It also has a cool feature called Xbox Live that allows the players to download movies, music, game demos, and even compete with other Xbox 360 users. This game console unit can cost around $280 dollars and you can also receive special discount if you purchase bundle deals.

PlayStation 3 on the other hand supports Blu-Ray. The console comes in two types, the 20 GB unit and the 60 GB unit. Both units utilize Bluetooth 2.0, support HDMI 1.3a, have a built-in gigabyte Ethernet, and can hold up to 7 controllers at a time. This advancement in gaming allows its users to have a better gaming experience and made it more enjoyable because seven players can participate in the game all at the same time.

Nintendo Wii is focused on the market of casual gamers. This game console holds the most advanced gaming system among the list of three because it allows the player to participate in games physically. The Wii Motion Plus controller has motion sensing capabilities, allowing the system to accurate track the movements of the player, while converting it to in-game character’s movements almost instantly. Nintendo Wii is also a known promoter of fitness because most of its top-selling releases are exercise and sports-based games.

Source by Tiffany Windhurst

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