It's no secret that the Nintendo DS has been a hit with boys of all ages ever since it hit the market. This Christmas season, many parents and gift givers will be searching store shelves for the best DS games for kids. Luckily, Nintendo DS games are available for almost every movie, hobby, or cartoon character you can think of, so finding one to suit your child will not be a difficult task. To get started, here are some of 2010's top Nintendo DS games for boys.

First on our list is a game based on the hit movie Toy Story 3. In this DS game, players are able to navigate through scenes that were taken directly from the movie, or go into battle mode as Buzz Lightyear, and fight of various enemies . This game is available for about £ 20.00 and is sure to please any Toy Story fan.

Another one of the best DS games for kids is Professor Layton and the Lost Future. This bestselling DS game is set in London and allows players to time travel and solve mysteries with the 165+ new puzzles available.

Some of the other best DS games for kids include LEGO Harry Potter, which takes the first four movies and transforms them into a game where players can help Harry fight his way from Diagon Alley all the way to Hogwarts and beyond. Also on the list of best-sellers is Super Mario Bros, which takes the classic Nintendo game plus some new levels and powers, and puts it right into your hands. Mario Kart for DS takes the classic racing game and makes it available on the move. Mariot Kart for DS features wireless multiplayer modes that allow the player to play with friends that also have a DS and also features online mode to play with gamers around the world.

No matter which DS game you choose for the boy on your Christmas list, you'll be sure to make them happy, as Nintendo rarely disappoints.

Source by Chris M. Holland

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