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The Best Guitar Kit Around

I know that judging the performance of a musical instrument is somewhat subjective and that not every guitarist will be able to agree on what the perfect guitar is, but I believe that I have found the perfect beginner’s guitar kit. Because a guitar kit which is designed for beginners should adhere to a specific set of criteria I do believe that one can derive a logical winner by analysing a kits performance against this criterion. This article is going to discuss the Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar kit, a product which I believe to be the best beginner’s guitar pack on the market today.

Before we can judge how good the kit is we need to decide what criteria we must judge it against. I believe that the most effective way to judge a guitar set is by evaluating its overall quality (including sound and build quality), its affordability and its playability. My reasoning being this is simple, the perfect guitar needs to make learning the instrument easier, ever guitarist worth his salt will tell you that some 6-strings are easier to learn on than others. This is especially true when talking about acoustics. Similarly, the perfect beginner’s guitar also needs to provide excellent quality at an affordable price, seen as thought most beginners will be unwilling to invest too much money into their first instrument.

I believe the Yamaha F310 guitar kit hits all these points and delivers and extra something too. The first thing that stands out about this pack is that it is one of the only guitar kits on the market that provides an award winning instrument. The F310 acoustic is actually one of the bestselling guitars in history and has been awarded the ‘Best Guitar in Class’ award by the Music Retailers’ Association, on account of the guitars excellent tone and playability. This Yamaha acoustic is notorious for its incredibly authentic, bright acoustic sound. The voice of this instrument can easily project across a room full of people. Another great thing about the Yamaha F310 is that because its action is so low, barre chords and strings bends are a lot easier to pull off, this will seriously increase the time it takes beginners to learn the instrument.

Apart from the guitar, the F310 guitar kit also contains a whole range of different musical accessories. The pack includes an electronic tuner, spare set of strings, guitar strap and an Instant Guitar DVD, all for less than £100! Considering that the total estimated value of all the things included in the F310 guitar pack is more than £160 it becomes quite clear that this kit definitely goes along way for your money.

In conclusion, the F310 Yamaha guitar kit combines affordability, playability and quality in a way that no similar set can match. Make no mistake about it; this pack is the best deal you will ever find.

Source by Edward Cottam

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