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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a novel where adventure, signs, symbols and dreams all speak to the writers in an environment where ancient voices and songs of the deserts bring you closer to mysticism. Paulo Coelho says we should never avoid our destinies, and he exhorts people that they should follow their dreams. It’s only by pursuing our dreams that we can come closer to God.

Journey Towards Treaure

The Alchemist is the story of Santiago, a boy who has the courage to go after his dream of finding a treasure. The boy listens to the signs provided by the universe though the search for the treasure is large the symbolic one. When the boy is about to start his journey, his father gives him an advice he should only travel the world until he finds out the castle closer to home is the best and that the women closer are the most beautiful.

The World Is A Great Place

The protagonist Santiago, however, experienced the world was a great place, and he met very exciting people such as kings and alchemists. By the end of the book, however, he realizes the treasure was where his heart belonged and his own discoveries and wisdom acquired during the journey.

Full Of Enthusiasm And Optimism

The Alchemist was an exciting novel which is full of enthusiasm and optimism and the book tells you nothing is impossible if you are passionate about achieving it. Though the statement looks oversimplified, according to Paulo Coelho, only wise people understand the value of simple things and everybody doesn’t appreciate it. The success of Paulo Coelho can be explained on the basis of this statement only as it strikes a chord with the masses. The greatest obstacle to happiness is the fear of failure, the writer says. Most people believe they have it in them to achieve greatness but they embrace conformity and end up unhappy all their lives.

Don’t Refuse To Follow Your Dreams

If a person refuses to follow his dream, he denies to come closer to God. Paulo Coelho believes there is God in the soul of everyone. In the book The Alchemist, Santiago finds wisdom and soul mate in a desert. The author says, whenever we are in love, we try to improve ourselves constantly. That’s where the beauty of the book The Alchemist lies, it touches all of us because everyone has a dream, and we just love it when somebody says it is possible to achieve those dreams.

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