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The 4 Reasons Why Everyone Will Want To Read Your New Book

There are four reasons why people will want to read the new book you are writing, and if you include them all, you will have a best-seller.

The 1st Reason Why People Will Read Your New Book

First and foremost, people like to be entertained. And while it may seem like by deliberately setting out to entertain people with your writing that you are dumbing it down or selling out, you really aren’t. People read books or watch television because it is an escape, and an escape has to be entertaining on some level or people will avoid it. Even if it is good for them.

And if you want someone to actively seek out your book, you will have to make it entertaining so they will look forward to reading it as much as they like watching videos on YouTube.

The 2nd Reason Why People Will Read Your New Book

People need to be inspired. And the highest thing your book can achieve is to inspire someone to do better. An inspiring book is something that a person will never forget reading, even if it only helps them change one aspect of their life.

And besides writing about your own success story, the story of others’ triumphs is also something to explore as you write your best-selling book. Telling your reader how you (as well as many others) achieved certain goals can be so motivating, that once your reader finishes your book, they will be able to do it too. This kind of writing also lends itself to a best-selling and inspirational title.

The 3rd Reason Why People Will Read Your New Book

Readers have to walk away from a book feeling like they have learned something new. People love to tell others about what they are reading, and especially what they are learning from a new book. So you have to imagine someone telling other people how excited they are about what they are learning from your book, no matter how small a fact it is.

There isn’t one person alive who doesn’t like to brag about the knowledge and education they have and where it comes from, and their latest resource for new information should be your book. Even if you are writing a novel, the reader can learn something new about a rare disease, investigative procedures, a place they have never visited, or new vocabulary words.

The 4th Reason Why People Will Read Your New Book

Let’s face it. People read a book because someone else tells them they have to read it. In fact, many people are told that if they want to be included in a certain social group, be considered smart, or graduate from a school – they have to read certain books. This mandate can come from a teacher, a professor, an employer, a family member, a book club, a best friend, a best-seller list, a neighbor, a minister, a website, an organization, and the list goes on.

This is an often overlooked reason as to why people read books, but it will certainly help your book sales if you check out what kind of books are being recommended by these social leaders & institutions and also why. Because in spite of what the media tells us (that people would much rather watch a video instead of read a book), we live in a time where more people are required to read than ever. And there are more people on the planet now who have the ability to read than in the whole history of the world.

Not to mention, it is now easy to translate books into every foreign language you can possibly imagine. And the fact that enough people from so many countries are interested in new ideas, and make so many books written in English international best-sellers so quickly, indicates that the entire world is much savvier than it used to be.

So take advantage of the new, literate world we live in and make your book entertaining, inspirational, educational, and also recommendable, and you will have a best-seller on your hands.

Source by Brent Hollister

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