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Taylor Swift – How to Get Great Tickets Closer to Taylor

Taylor Swift is one of the hottest performers in history. Many of her concerts sell out immediately, but there are safe ways to get great seats for any Taylor concert.

Taylor is a unique artist. A big part of her appeal is that she writes and performs very personal songs that many girls her age relate to. They relate so much that many of her fans want to meet her, hang out with her, or know her better. It is safe to say that Taylor is aware of this and reciprocates by making herself one of the most approachable stars in history. Taylor holds meet and greets, talks to her fans in airports and even invites fans backstage. So naturally, most of her fans want to be close to her when she performs. But how does one get great seats for sold out concerts such as this? First let’s look at how tickets work.

You wait until the day the tickets are released, you go online ready to get great seats but sadly your tickets are way up in the nosebleed section. Why can’t you get good tickets?

This is roughly how it works. Ticketmaster is usually the host for Taylor Swift tours. The host reserves a large number of tickets for media representatives, news people, fan club promotions and credit card pre-sales. So right from the start, many of the best seats just aren’t available. If the host at some point feels they have reserved too many tickets, they may release a lot of tickets later at what is known as a “ticket drop”. Next the hosts software starts selling tickets with the main objective of selling out the show. Therefore it is not going to release the best seats first. Especially if you are only looking for one or two seats. So with all of this, I’m sure you can see how difficult it is to get good seats for a super hot concert. Fortunately, there is still a way to get great seats. The best way to get great concert tickets for Taylor Swift or any other popular artist, is through a ticket broker.

Ticket brokers are often mislabeled as “scalpers”, but that is far from the truth. It is true that buying through a ticket broker will probably cost you more than face value of the ticket, but sometimes it is not that much more. The ticket broker is in effect a middleman between a seller and a buyer. The broker doesn’t set the price, the seller does. The broker adds a percentage for themselves for the transaction, and for other services they provide. The most important service they provide is to make sure that the tickets being sold are genuine. This is very important.

I do not suggest buying tickets from an online auction, or from an individual on Twitter. That is far too risky. The ticket broker uses technology to make sure you get authentic tickets. The best procedure is to check a ticket broker a number of times, to find the best deals. I’ve seen Taylor tickets for less than forty dollars, of course if you are able to pay more, you can find great seats very near the stage. The ticket broker lets you look through the venues sections and pick seats anywhere you find desirable. Another important benefit from any good broker is the guarantee. The better brokers back up your purchase with a guarantee, many times more than the original purchase price. Some will even intercede at the box office if you have a problem.

Another quick tip is that once you have purchased tickets from the broker, keep them in a safe place. Be sure not to wrinkle or fold your tickets as this can cause problems at the box office.

Another great thing about Taylor Swift is that she plays from several spots in the audience. This creates an interesting ticket situation. If you find out that Taylor is performing from a particular section, you can use the ticket broker to get seats there. These are seats that will be less expensive, but could turn out to be excellent seats right near Taylor.

Any Taylor Swift Tour is an unforgettable memory for any fan. By researching, and working with a respectable ticket broker, you have the opportunity to get great tickets to an amazing concert event.

Source by Arthur Sinclair

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