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Selling Your Book Before It's in Your Hands

When is the best time to sell your book? The second your book is in the printing process. Pre-selling your book is a must and an important marketing strategy, especially for self-published authors. If you're not a New York Times best-selling author or celebrity, then the success of your book is a marathon, not a sprint. This means you must talk repeatedly and consistently about your book over a long period of time.

Everyone gets the general concept behind marketing … Advertise. However, it does not do any good for a product to have a big "to-do" when it is released and then just drops off the face of the earth and out of the minds of the consumers. Your book is a product and in order for people to buy the product, they need to know it exists before its release date. So, how do you make your book sell even prior to its launch date? By email marketing.

An email marketing campaign allows you to reach quickly and inexpensively a huge market-hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Email advertisements work like a spider web. They can be boundless, giving you more possibilities and bigger sales. By personally broadcasting your email advertisement to your own list and on social networking sites, it can increase the popularity of your book and these virtual connections, just like word of mouth, forward your advertisement without hesitation, causing an increase to your book's exposure to books lovers and reading enthusiasts across the internet, further expanding its popularity.

You may want to order only 100 books, but if you send the email advertisement designed by Halo, you can gain more book sales and add to your original book order. Authors have earned over $ 2,000 in prepublication orders before their book was in their hands. Email advertisements can be talked about and attract discussions about your book, further expanding its popularity. By increasing your book's exposure, you can vastly increase book sales and awareness about your published work. Furthermore, these email advertisements link to the Halo online bookstore, where the consumers can read more about the book and learn how they can purchase it-a highly effective tool that helps drive traffic to the book and you the author.

Email advertisements have become a highly effective, multi-dimensional book marketing tool in today's competitive prepub sales. According to the 2008 Channel Preference Survey, 66% of their consumers made a purchase because of an email advertisement. Consumers prefer email more than 3-to-1 for marketing communications.

Source by Lisa Umina

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