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Resell Rights and How to Repackage for Profit

One of the best reasons for having several titles in your publishing armory is that you can create unique products by combining items available from countless other sources.

Some of the best packages I have seen over the years comprise titles available from numerous suppliers with added incentives such as marketing advice, self-published books, all-encompassing web site, and back up support and advice.

We mentioned repackaging earlier as a great way to differentiate your products from other companies selling much the same goods on and off the Internet and you will remember these as the most successful techniques involved. Now let us read more about techniques we touched upon earlier.

#1 Bundle Items With No Special Theme or Concept Other Than Offering a High Value Product at a Bargain Price

This is the main way most repackagers work and although perhaps the easiest option, it can also create some of the most popular, best selling products of all time, as testified by titles such as ‘The Free to Sell Package’, ‘Instant eBook Business’, and many more.

Note that most packages offer resell rights to the individual packages contained, and some additionally give rights to market the repackaged product itself. Others offer their packages with no resell rights of any kind.

The key to success lies in selecting quality titles, preferably numbered in double figures, and including some unique feature.

For me the best feature of ‘The Free To Sell Package’ is the help and support available from the original publisher, as well as the fact that initial purchase comes with lifetime upgrades to an already hugely discounted product.

For obvious reasons, it’s best to aim for something unique in your repackaged product, or you’ll be offering much the same thing as many more people, at much the same price. Not the sign of a major best seller.


* Offer updates of your titles, for a limited period, preferably forever.

* Let resellers direct their customers to your web site to download their products, reducing problems for new sellers and others lacking Internet experience.

* Offer something else to set your package apart from the myriad of competing offers, such as an advice center (see Free to Sell), a killer marketing package, something you’ve created yourself to prove your experience and show you don’t just sell other people’s products (Instant eBook Business).


* A cover site is almost essential for buyers getting rights to resell your repackaged item together with separate sites for individual titles it contains.

* It’s a good idea to show web sites for individual products on your new product’s web site but only if buyers are also getting resell rights to those individual titles.

* Resell rights are not essential to repackaged items. I’ve sold many different packages of other people’s products which don’t contain resell rights to any of the titles included, unless mentioned by authors inside those titles. The fact is, people like bulk, they love to dig and delve, and offering big collections on CD or Internet download is an easy way to create a popular, high-profit, best-selling title. It’s a bit like a Christmas Stocking – looks great on the outside, well worth the wait for Christmas Day to come, and the excitement is just too much to bear as you dive in, dig out a product, check it out, wrap it up quickly, and move on to the next thing.


And it’s much the same with repacked products! Big Bundle Repackaged Products are good to buy, great to receive, and they’ll keep your customers busy for hours. Not to mention all those additional bits and pieces you sneak in to ensure your product more than meets your promise – it’s called ‘over delivering’ – guaranteeing you a happy customer, and a regular one, too!

#2 Bundle Items With a Connecting or Specific Theme to Appeal to a Wide Market Audience

We’re looking for theme, a subject, that interests most of the people, most of the time. How about money? Making it and keeping it! Winning it perhaps!

Pets perhaps! Or family! Most of us have relatives we care about and want to protect. Most people want love or at least friendship, so there’s another topic for a product to interest most of the people, most of the time.

It’s obvious where we’re going here, so let’s jump straight in with ready made projects for you to copy or adapt as you wish.


1) Let us bundle a selection of titles on the theme of making money, including unusual and highly diversified ideas. The end result is something most people can benefit from, whatever their special interests, skills and qualifications, and regardless of whatever technical experience or capital they currently possess.

We need a title that describes the fact the product is packed with ideas and includes something for everyone. Like ‘Multi-Income Streams’.

Great and if I wish, I could sell it from my site which might have that Multi Income Stream connection in the url.

That’s the hard work over with. Now what do I do?

First I need to select titles for my package, preferably specific subjects like ‘How to Get Rich in Mail Order and Direct Mail’ and ‘How to Be a Mystery Shopper’ instead of vague topics such as ‘Viral Marketing Secrets’ or ‘FAQ Generator’ which are best suited to repackaged products for software users.

From items I have with selling rights, I’ve decided to go with:

– Build your Own Mail Order Empire

– Self-Publish at the Speed of Thought

– How to Be a Mystery Shopper

– 8 Turnkey Business Package

– Complete eBay Auction Marketing eCourse

– The Great Ezine Experiment

– Secrets of Top Affiliate Marketers Exposed

– Instant Infoproduct Business

Let’s see what we’ve got. Well, we’ve covered mail order, self publishing, mystery shopping, marketing on eBay, starting your own ezine, affiliate marketing, selling information products. A great selection and surely something to suit everyone. And worth more than 150 dollars so far.

And for good measure we’ve thrown in the mega-marvelous ‘8 Turnkey Business Package’.

Excellent, individual titles priced at 250 dollars plus and offered at a hefty discount and priced to sell at around one hundred dolalrs or more!

Now all we need is a sales letter, possibly a web page, and a few order-pulling ads. for promoting this brand new product. Oh yes, I forgot to say, we might also offer it with resell rights or start our own affiliate program and let thousands of people worldwide sell the product and make massive profits for us.


2) Let’s look at money again, always a winning subject, and create a package to suit people who want to make or save money but who are not necessarily seeking a business opportunity.

Now what?

Well, mystery shopping, yet again, is an obvious choice. Mystery shopping can be worked around the normal family shopping trip and attracts a fee for answering a few questions about the experience and shoppers might even get to buy goods to a specific amount to take home free.

There’s a great book called ‘Freedom’ which is all about traveling the world in a mobile home and making money as you go from buying and selling at boot sales, flea markets and auctions. Travel interests most people and the chance to make money from it? Gotta be a winner!

‘The UK Traders Wholesale Guide’ is another possible contender. Admittedly it is geared towards people wanting to buy and sell goods acquired from companies listed in the directory.

But there is another possibility for others to benefit who don’t necessarily want to start a business.

Wholesale clubs are a great idea, where one person assumes responsibility for collecting weekly savings from friends, nei
ghbours, relations and colleagues which go towards a mammoth spending spree, usually at Christmas, when the organizer presents a list of goods available for club members to choose from.

The organizer acquires dealer status – essential for gaining entry to most such places – by simply creating a business letterhead and using this to gain entry to warehouses listed in the directory. That’s legitimate and a very good way to make money for Christmas as well as reducing your own spending on presents.

So we’ll include ‘The UK Traders Wholesale Guide’ in our package with an accompanying report showing how to establish a wholesale buyers club!

Let’s say we leave it at that, and look for a title and price for our product.

Bear in mind the product is aimed at people who want to make and save money so it’s likely more people will buy at a lower than higher price.

There’s a good $30 worth of product there, so we can give a hefty discount and still get a good return for our investment of two or three minutes brainstorming time! Let’s go for $14.99 or $19.99.

We still need a sales letter and web copy and maybe we should consider making this an Internet download product only to save time and money fulfilling products. All it takes is a simple web page with products listed and links to allow buyers to download their purchase direct to their computer desktop. Easy Peasy!

What to call our product? ‘Save Money and Have the Time of Your Life’. ‘Live Like a King on a Pauper’s Budget’. ‘Live the High Life Whatever Your Budget’. ??? Not bad, but a few minutes more with the thinking cap in place should reveal something spectacular.

Source by Avril Harper

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