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Read the Nicolas Darvas Books and Learn the Success Secrets of Stock Trading

Nicholas Darvas was a renowned dancer and investor who made heads turn after he made a profit of 2000000$ from the stock market. He jotted down his trading secrets in his best selling books, selling millions of copies all around the world.

His first book “How I made 2000000$ in the Stock Market”, published first in 1964, reveals how he made a fortune from the stock market starting with a very negligible capital investment. The book basically discusses the various trades the author tried his hands on in a span of about 6 years. He discusses how he went on to become the multi millionaire from just a newbie in the stock market trading. He reveals his trading secrets while in parallel telling the development process of his stock trading business.

In his book “You Can still Make it In the Market” Nicholas Darvas stated about a system that could help in charting of the stock market known as the DAR CARD, an amazing technique for the stock market dealings. This book advice on what points should one keep in mind before buying the stocks. He also provides five effective ways to make the odds in favor of one and teaches how one could correctly detect a “must sell” stock. He also advices on till what time it is correct to hold the stocks, the pros and cons of switching and what point to keeps in mind before taking an action.

Nicholas Darvas’ book “Darvas System for over the Counter Profits” provides a thorough study on the “over the counter” market. This book consists of various profitable methods and strategies aided by graphs that could help one make maximum profit in the field of stock market. He also states how he finally learnt about the differentiating character of a rising stock through a series of trial and error. He even mentions the psychological aspects of a mind that is into stock marketing, the emotional struggle it goes through during the stock holding period.

Nicholas Darvas’ book “The Anatomy of Success” is an inspiring and motivating book where the author puts down a detailed analysis on how he went on to achieve success. He also exposes the myths associated with the stock trading. He states that the key to success is positive selfishness, and lays down stories and examples from his own life.

The Nicholas Darvas books, with its unique stock market trading secrets have changed millions of lives. You could be the next too. Grab your copy, next time you see it available.

Source by Peter Hill

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