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Raise Your Hands For a Good Cause – Donate Flood Victims In Pakistan

Since the flood hit Pakistan. A service has been in movement. Team of local people helping survivors via their various strength. Later on, named as HelpSindh. To be saying truly, as in a place of Pakistan where destruction hit it with its height has been silently down. People around here “now” are helpless. Once they had a home and a life like you. Now they’ve no home and neither any more ease and normal life. Most of people don’t have clothes to wear, no food to eat, no shelter to take refuge inn.

Moreover if few donation via governments arrived, they’re no doubtfully taken be well-to-do persons too (There’s such proof available to us). Victim’s saying was almost same that flood has taken whatever they had, it includes their animals (such as cows, chickens, goats), their home, their properties, their farms, their guess houses, their neighborhood and more over their whole villages. And no, they wasn’t fond of living easy life. They always woke up early and go to work. People of Pakistan also played vital role in donating affectees. But, after all the bad work of authorities and management again made them hopeless, when they received no donation that were given specifically for them. Donations were only being spent to neighbor¬† provinces Punjab & KPK. No, not jealous. But yes, injustice as always. So, what? Let’s get up. Our work wasn’t only to wake you up, also to give them their life back. A single person cannot do it, but if we make up and all get together each of your little donation will be each of their happiness. HelpSindh is covering each of latest update on flood, They’re roaming camps and getting acknowledge of what is most needed for the flood victims. Yes, you can help these people. These people are waiting for your response, They’re awaited to have something to eat when they fast for Ramazan. They’re awaited for when someone will come and give them something away. Now it’s your time.

What Helpsindh will do?

We whenever received a donation, we go to the camps or places where flood victims are available (No matter where, more than half of them are having nothing and beside roads). We inspect everything with our eyes and we provide the thing they need most. We give them donation, with your name!

How to donate?

HelpSindh currently support donation via PayPal, Moneybookers, United Bank Ltd (UBL) and Muslim Commercial Bank(MCB). You can also donate us of various stuff likewise tents, shoes, clothes, foods and all stuff. For such stuff you may contact us, we will get back to you with details. Kindly visit and click donate or click here Donate Flood Victims []

What if I don’t have anything to donate?

We never be hopeless, at least you can do is make your friends, neighbour or education institute to donate. You also can promote this site by posting it to your Twitter, Facebook or anywhere (No matter, outside home on the trees).

Hi, I’m Kazim Khan Mangi from Sindh. I originally belong to Saudi Arabia by my base. Kazim is a Freelance web developer. He owns a Web solutions company, which holds his portfolio too. Besides this, his professional talent lies in the editing of photographs and doing photography. His favorite platform is WordPress. He also plays stuff with PHP, jQuery, CSS, xHtml.
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